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Featured News: A Look Back at 2015 


Fast Facts

  • We are North America’s second-largest company offering medical insurance for pets with over 275,000 total enrolled pets (as of November 3, 2015).

  • We have accumulated 5.5 million pet health records over the past 14 years. This is almost 1 terabyte of data.

  • We have over 1.2 million pricing categories for over 400 cat and dog breeds in 43,000 zip codes across the United States and Canada. Our data-driven model allows us to offer medical insurance plans on an individual pet level that are unique and cater to each pet’s needs.

  • We are proud of our 98.5% average monthly customer retention rate over the past 3 years and that our members stay with us a little over 6 years, or 74 months.

  • Our philanthropic approach aligns charitable giving with our business mission, to help animals get the care they need. It is our core value and product. In 2014 Trupanion gave a total of $209,885 to nonprofit animal welfare organizations across the U.S. and Canada through donations from members and our Shelter Support Program including the American Humane Association, National Canine Cancer Foundation, The Farley Foundation and numerous nonprofit animal shelters. Visit our TruGiving page to learn more about our corporate citizenship. 

What's New?

2/03/2016 - Trupanion Rolls Out New Veterinary Software to Save Veterinarians Time and Effort           

1/28/2016 - Trupanion, Inc. Expands Footprint through New Partnership with PetPartners

12/10/2015 - Chad Cohen joins Trupanion's Board of Directors

11/09/2015 - Trupanion Announces Senior Leadership Promotions    

11/03/2015 - Trupanion Reports Third Quarter 2015 Results

8/11/2015 - Trupanion Announces Plans to Relocate Headquarters to Accommodate Rapid Growth       

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Contact Information

If you would like more information about Trupanion or want to speak to a Trupanion spokesperson, please contact Trupanion's Media Relations team at MediaRelations@Trupanion.com or 206.607.1930.

For financial news or information please visit Investors.Trupanion.com or email the Investor Relations team at InvestorRelations@Trupanion.com.


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"If it were not for Trupanion I would have had to put down my beloved cat because I could not have afforded her surgery. If you love your pet, your beloved animal friend, your furry family member, please get them Trupanion. It may save their life one day!"
- Leslee S.
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Trupanion Paid: $2,456.15

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