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Living a Long, Healthy, Active Life

Noah - Karen Belanger - Image 1

Our dog Noah is extremely special to our family.

Being in a very active family, and loving playing with other dogs, Noah has had quite a few incidences where he has unfortunately been bitten by other dogs at the park and needed stitches to sew up his skin. Poor guy!

Noah has also had a few lumps on his body that needed to be removed and tested to see what they were. Thankfully, nothing came back as cancerous and he is still a very healthy, happy boy!

Pet of the Week: Remy

smiling dog

Remy “Rhett” Butler Boyd, aka “Boo Boo” is a 2 1/2 year old American Pit Bull Terrier that we rescued from the East County Animal Shelter in Dublin, CA where my husband and I volunteer with Tri Valley Animal Rescue walking shelter dogs every Sunday (have done so for over 18 months).

Remy is a ‘breed ambassador’ – TVAR wanted to put him in foster care for a week (before he got neutered) and then would have gone off to a more permanent foster home while waiting for find his Forever Home. We’ve never fostered before but love pit bulls. TVAR asked if we’d take him for a week, we said yes and then couldn’t give him up! He lives with our three cats and they’re ‘getting used’ to each other. Two of the three cats are gray, like him. He’s a very handsome boy, weighs 65 pounds and is up for anything – he even lets Jeff brush his teeth every day!

Favorite Toy: Kong with peanut butter, any bone he can (and does) bury
Favorite Activity: Playing frisbee, riding in the car, sitting on laps, cuddling in the bed

pit bull dog rolling around on back funny

We would love to feature your pet as our next Pet of the Week! Just email a photo and a short blurb about your pet(s) to socialmedia@trupanion.com

Owner Holds the Ability to Help Her Pup Walk Again

Punkie - Michelle Rosen - Image 1

We rescued our pug mix, Punkie, when she was just a one year old. She appeared healthy, but we bought a Trupanion policy just to be on the safe side.

Seven months later, we woke to find that she was unable to walk. We took her to the Tufts University Foster Hospital for Small Animals for emergency care. By Monday morning she was in surgery for a slipped disc, and soon after was well on her way to recovery. Without our policy, none of that would have been possible. My husband and I are both disabled and retired early as a result.

Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Cat ate gravel

Vanessa 14-year-old cat made a recent veterinary visit because she ate some gravel and was vomiting. The poor kitty was hospitalized for a whole week receiving care. Her veterinary care included fluids, diagnostic tests, radiology, and medication.

When a pet ingests non-food items, they must come out one way or another, or they may cause internal complications. In certain cases, surgery may be required if the item is too large to pass.

We hope that Vanessa makes a full recovery and is feeling well again!

Total claim amount: $1,976.08
Deductible applied: -$100.00
Ineligible costs (exam fees): -$74.00
10% co-insurance: -$180.21
Eligible for coverage: $1,621.87

Trupanion Reviews – 9/12

thank you guys for your great customer service, Trupanion truly cares for their customers and their little loved pets, again thank you -Yasar S.

Thank you Trupanion for helping out with Yancy’s TPLO surgery. Within an hour of the diagnosis we had a pre-approval done, and then within an hour of submitting the final invoice of $3,700 we got notification that the claim was paid. Yes, we paid for the exam fee but that’s something we are more than happy to pay that considering how much was covered and how easy the process was. And the best thing? If the other knee needs surgery, it’s covered under the same deductible as a bi-lateral condition. -Jeanine F.