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Halloween and Fall Pet Pics 2014

Fall is such a great time of year. The leaves are changing colors and falling, the weather cools off, and we get to dress up in costumes for Halloween! Over the past two weeks, we collected your Halloween and fall pet photos. We put them all together in an album – check it out below!

Charlie is Nemo, shared by Sandon H.

Charlie is Nemo, shared by Sandon H.

Vinny is a peacock, shared by Leanne F.

Vinny is a peacock, shared by Leanne F.

Thank you for brightening our week with all of your adorable and amazing pet photos!

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 10/31

Happiness is knowing your furbaby is covered by @Trupanion ! She has better coverage than I do! #ThankYou #petinsurance -@grrlgenius

My Halloween kitty is still here this Halloween (and much healthier than she was this time last year) thanks to you! -Holly C.

How many insurers of ANYTHING do you know who reconsider their willingness to pay a charge WITHOUT questioning? Our traumatically injured pup has had bills that UPenn Vet says take more pages to print than any they’ve seen! And one of the many charges was initially deemed excluded. Hey, we were sanguine. Then a check for that charge arrived in the mail, unanticipated, unbidden, unarguably welcome. Hie thee to protect your animal with this coverage! It’s superlative! -Vernyce D.

I just enrolled Senorita Rosa my Chihuahua in Turpanion’s pet insurance plan! I am encouraging all my clients to do the same! Taking the financial worry out of pet care is good for you and for your pet! -Pam N.

Single greatest pet insurance company in existence. Thank you for extending my boy’s life and helping me make him comfortable. -Eddie M.

I didn’t think I would go with pet insurance, but decided to give it a try with the free trial offered at the vet… I’m so thankful I did! We discovered near the end of that month my little Bulldog, Stanley, needed his Gall Bladder taken out! It was shocking and scary, but the price was even more so! I immediately saw the value of Trupanion, as I would never have been able to do the surgery if he were not insured through your company… Thank you for the security of knowing I can care for my boy! (Even though his kitty sister, Mira, thinks she’s got him cared for already! ;) ) -Amy F.

Trupanion saved my baby’s life. Smoke “Smoky” is alive thanks to you at Trupanion!! You treated my cat like he’s your own cat! I have happy tears because there would be no way I could have saved him without you!! Love Smoky and Family

Yet again, @Trupanion helps Jones get through another surgery successfully (for hopefully the last time!). Thanks!! pic.twitter.com/Wuc3QfLvwi -@EdTechBSt

Safety Tips For Your Pet This Halloween

hweenOctober can be a fun-filled month of activities.  Haunted houses, ghost walks, hayrides, fall festivals and of course, Halloween fill our calendars.  While humans love this sort of thing, our four legged friends are not always fans.  In fact, Halloween can be a particularly hazardous time for pets unless some common sense precautions are taken.  Here are a few things to keep in mind that will help protect your pets.


Costuming is something we humans enjoy and understand.  Pets however, may not take to costuming very well.  Typically if a dog or cat is used to wearing a sweater, raincoat or blanket, putting a costume on him won’t make a bit of difference.  He won’t know or care if he’s wearing a Green Bay Packers sweater or something that makes him look like Dracula’s dog.  If he’s not used to wearing a sweater or blanket, resistance and one seriously mournful look is what you’ll get.  Generally costumes should not be left on your pet while he is unattended due to risk of strangulation and accidental ingestion. Anytime you put your pet in a costume, or clothing of any kind, check for:

Lifelong Joint Problems For a Young Puppy

Ruby - David Rawlings - Image 1 (small)“Though I just recently enrolled my baby kitty Steve with Trupanion, my bigger story is that of my beloved dog Ruby. My sweet golden retriever/Newfoundland cross puppy that came into my life when she was 12 weeks old. I found her at a farm surrounded by her siblings, parents and horses! She immediately became part of my heart within only hours of meeting her. While I immediately enrolled her with Trupanion, I never imagined how much that policy would mean for the both of us.

I began to notice when she was around 5 months old, that Ruby would click as we were training. When she was spayed at 6 months I asked my vet to X-ray her. When I arrived to pick her up the vet brought me into a room and showed me what my little girl had been dealing with. She diagnosed Ruby with advanced hip dysplasia at only 6 months old! Immediately, we sought out orthopedic specialists at Canada West Veterinary Hospital, who told us that we would have to wait until her bones had fully matured. Once she had grown enough, Ruby was re-x-rayed only to find out her front legs had “joint mice” which are painful bone spurs in the front leg joints.

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 10/24

We were in the same situation for our 2 bullys. They are 3 and 5 and both have had costly services. Trupanion has saved us over $10,000 and makes the process so painless and pays out claims in less than a week! Our vet recommended them and it is the best decision we have ever made! -Anju L.


We got our Bella almost three yrs ago and for piece of mind we bought trupanion insurance. Well that turned out to be the best thing we ever did. Soon after she was diagnosed w hip dysplasia and then this summer she tore her acl (ccl). Trupanion had been by our side through it all. The expense alone of maintaining joint medications is something I would not have been able to do w o the coverage. Every pill has been covered as well as xrays.

As far as her knee….Bella had TPLO surgery this summer. The cost of this surgery plus hydrotherapy after has exceeded 6000. Trupanion has always reimbursed us w in days of submitting claims. The surgery itself was 4900 and I submitted the claim on a Tuesday and had money back by Thursday morning. I can’t thank trupanion enough. There may have been a different ending had I not had the policy. I am a single mom and could have never found a way to cover that surgery or maintain med for her hip.

I just wanted to recognize your company and say thanks. You also have the kindest greatest helpful staff I’ve ever dealt with

Thanks again trupanion


Aubrey M. and Bella



Best pet insurance we have ever had. Tiffany had elbow displacia. Her surgery cost was $2500. and they paid 90% which was $2300 and we had the check before the credit card bill came. She had an e-ray on the left leg and again they paid 90%. They don’t pay for shots or regular visits but the major things they are great…I would highly recommend them if you care about your pet. -Susie C.

Had yet “another” great experience with Trupanion Pet Insurance today. Nothing short of the BEST customer service and coverage in general. Anyone with a pet I cannot recommend Trupanion enough!!! -Cathy B.