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Misprinted Rug in Sheriff’s Office Reads “In Dog We Trust”

Misprinted Rug in Sheriff's Office Reads "In Dog We Trust"A rug placed in the front lobby of a Florida Sheriff’s office went months without anyone noticing the rug was unintentionally printed to read “In Dog We Trust” instead of “In God We Trust”. The rug quickly gained enough interest that the Sheriff’s office decided to auction off the $500 rug with the intention of donating a couple hundred dollars in winnings to a local shelter, Canine Estates Inc. The bidding started at $100 and 83 bids later, the “doggone rug” sold for a whopping $9,650! Canine Estates Inc. explained they will be using the proceeds to help pay for vet bills.

Canine Estates Inc. posted on their Facebook page, “We want to thank the high bidder for the Rug. The bidder wishes to remain anonymous. Your generosity will help us pay for the 10 dogs medical bills that came in the day we found out about the rug. We have laughed, cried and hugged the fur kids tight, just knowing that we can help them find the home they deserve or help them heal from the abuses they have suffered. Hats off to you and The Pinellas County Sheriffs Office PCSO for helping us save the dogs of Pinellas County. We are all “Saving One Tail At A Time”…… “In Dog We Trust””.

This is a great story about how an accidental mistake turned out to benefit animals in need. What are your thoughts on this story?

Boarding Your Pet for the First Time? A Quick Guide to Making this a Smooth Process

Boarding Your Pet for the First Time - A Quick Guide to Making this a Smooth Process

Photo via Flickr user Penny Miller

Boarding your furry family member for the first time may mean the first time both of you are apart from each other. It might just be your pet’s first time away from home. Unless your pet is extremely well-adjusted, this can be a tough process for both pet and owner, and doesn’t always go as planned. However, with a little forethought, you can plan for a smooth transition, and put aside your worries about boarding your pet. Keep reading for a few helpful tips to make this a seamless process and to ensure boarding success in the future.

Get to Know Your Kennel of Choice
A best practice before leaving your pet at any facility is to make an appointment to take a tour. Some facilities have regularly scheduled hours for visiting. Put yourself at ease by seeing how well a place is run, by getting all your questions answered, and by seeing they are inspected and certified as required by law. By talking with the professionals who will be looking after your pet, you can discuss any concerns you have with them, and prepare your furry friend for a pleasant stay.

Seattle and New England Go Head-to-Head in the Super Bowl Pet Name Face-Off

Super Bowl Pet Names

It’s that time of year again, when the top two football teams in the nation go head-to-head to see who will win the Super Bowl. Across the country, fans are showing their support, and many have even named their furry family members after their favorite players, coaches, and mascots.

In honor of the competitive spirit of the Super Bowl, Trupanion, a pet medical insurance company, compared the rosters of each team to their database of pet names from across the nation to see which team was most popular in each state. Alaska, Alabama, and Mississippi were an even tie, but the rest of the nation showed clear support for Seattle or New England. Overall, 23 states support Seattle and 24 back New England.

New England-related pet names dominated much of the Northeast and the South. Seattle-related pet names dominated the west coast and a large portion of the Midwest. The Southwest and mountain regions leaned toward New England.

One English Mastiff holds the full name “Russell Wilson,” and four pets are named “Tom Brady” in the database, including a Pomeranian, Golden Retriever, mixed-breed dog, and a long-haired cat. Each coach had a representative pet, with a cat named Carroll and a dog named Belichick. Seattle-supporting pets carry the names “Chancellor” and “Sherman.” A miniature pinscher and a domestic shorthair, both in Massachusetts, were ironically given the full name “Vince Wilfork,” and several pets are affectionately named “Gronk.”

Inspired by the furry fandom, Trupanion is asking pet owners to submit pictures of their pets in game day attire. Photos can be submitted to socialmedia@trupanion.com or posted to Trupanion’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #GameDayPets.

The story of how Trupanion had Simon’s back

Simon 2I would like to share my story about Simon, my lovable 11 ½ year old Bichon Frise.  Simon has always been a loving, happy, friendly dog who loves people and other dogs. Simon was about a year old when we decided to get pet insurance with Trupanion.  Simon has been pretty healthy for most of his life.  Although Simon has always been fed good quality dog food, mainly Hills Diet, never eats people food and has healthy dog treats, he is prone to pancreatitis which he gets periodically.  Trupanion has helped with the cost of his medication, and any testing that needs to be done.

Two years ago, Simon’s back legs collapsed and he was unable to walk.  We ended up taking him to a neurologist who diagnosed him with herniated discs and the prognosis was back surgery.  Simon was hospitalized for two weeks and it was a long recovery.  This cost was thousands of dollars.  We probably would have had to remortgage our house if it hadn’t been for Trupanion helping with most of the cost.

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 1/23

I have 2 bloodhounds. Beau my oldest swallowed 2 rocks at 6 months and I thought we may have to put him down. That insurance is a good thing to have because we didn’t have any. Fast forward 6 months and my 3 month old Daisy had a hygroma and 2 surgeries later countless therapy and I was glad I had trupanion for both dogs. Because Beau at the same time had entropic eyes. Trupanion took care of it all. And my vet recommends it to all her clients.

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 1/24

We had a similar episode with our 7 month old GSD, but we caught early. Trupanion was amazing through the whole ordeal. We were thankful for Trupanion. -Nicole C.

Love Trupanion!!! Would NEVER be without them. -Kathy L.

I have a Wire Fox Terrier with an undiagnosed condition and I am so happy that I have Trupanion… With surgery multiple ultrasounds special blood work and meds for life the expenses are enormous…. Having insurance makes it more bearable and gives me more options to provide her with the best treatment possible -Ana A.

I have had coverage for both my pups for over 3 years. We’ve had a couple scares but nothing has ended up being serious. Because of trupanion we have been able to run tests for piece of mind. So even if that’s all I ever need, it’s worth it. -Suzi B.

We had two schnauzer and thank goodness we had Trupanion. Two years ago Sascha dropped over on her side dying and she was saved only because of Trupanion who paid 90%. Than two months after Sascha got sick, Heike dropped over from a disease and Trupanion paid. When our precious pets get sick it is so stressful and it costs so much money to save them and it helps to have this fantastic vet insurance. Thank you Trupanion. -Patricia H.

Our beloved little puppy, Gracie, who just turned 9 months old was found to have not one but TWO luxating patellas……who would THINK at such an early age this would happen? Trupanion AND its entire staff/team came to our ‘rescue’ by providing extreme comfort in fast, efficient and positive results (i.e. approvals of coverages). Sure allowed us to focus on what truly mattered and that is our little girl. Thanks so very much! -Caroline K.

I am so grateful for trupanion my golden retriever (my best friend that I love so much) had ruptured his ACL and trupanion allowed us to go to the best surgeon in the area and of coarse they covered 90%. My golden is on his way to being off leash again next month and his knee has healed beautifully he is so happy!!! I don’t know what I would do with out trupanion. I feel comfortable knowing they are here for us. Every customer service rep I speak with is very very nice and compassionate and you can tell how much they love animals. Knowing this company really cares matters so much to me. I feel trupanion enables me to have and keep my doggie very healthy and happy. Thank you trupanion we love you. -Talia K.

Trupanion was amazing when we had our Great Dane/Catahoula, we never had to use it, but it was great knowing they had our backs if anything did happen! -Vanessa L.

I’m very appreciative of trupanion after my friend’s kitten ate a large plastic spatula. They covered his emergency surgery and he is doing fine! -Simorgh J.

Second best thing we every bought was Trupanion Insurance. Our dogs are the best things. Thank You Trupanion. -David H.

Trupanion extended my Jasmines life by 2 years, if not more. Every cent we put in it was worth it. Thank you Trupanion! -Cynthia N.

Since my boy Theodore is THE most important little guy in my life, Trupanion was the 1st thing that I purchased ( a After much research) for both of us! It gives him the care, and me the peace of mind that is priceless!!! Thanks Trupanion!! -Aimee T.

We cannot say enough about having Trupanion, we still have Cujo thanks to them. Cujo needed spinal surgery at a cost of $4,900.00. -Lorne C.

My little pal Albert is doing very very good that makes me so happy.. thanks @Trupanion for all the support, you rocks guys -William T.

So I faxed my claim into Trupanion this afternoon, maybe 3 pm or so for Marli’s TPLO surgery. I come home and find that I had emails from Trupanion around 5 pm saying the claim was processed! Ok, I expected an email saying they received my claim which is normal for them – but to say it’s already been processed!!!! Yet AGAIN – I cannot say enough about Trupanion – the BEST pet insurance and even more so, the BEST customer service I have ever experienced! -Cathy S.

We have TRUPANION pet insurance and using it has already paid for what it costs in monthly premiums ! -Mark T.

@Trupanion Thanks for caring for Gimli! You are the best!

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 1/24

I work at a veterinary clinic and all three of my dogs are insured through Trupanion – I cannot say enough good about the insurance and the customer service is nothing short of outstanding. I speak to clients everyday about pet insurance and the need to do their homework before just choosing a company. Having said that – our office recommends Trupanion all day, everyday.