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A Lifelong Companion Gets the Care She Needs

A Lifelong Companion Gets the Care She Needs“I adopted my dog Lucky when she was a year old.  Her previous owner was in the military and she and her family were being transferred to another state. Around that time, I was going through some difficulties. I wasn’t really looking for a dog, but family members suggested that this would be a good opportunity for me to stay busy and have a little dog to keep me company.

Well, Lucky has been keeping me company for 12 years now.  It’s hard to believe how quickly times goes by. Throughout the years she has always been my constant companion through good times and bad.

As Lucky started getting older I worried about her health and the cost of veterinary visits. I decided to purchase medical insurance for her. I called several pet insurance companies, but Trupanion offered me the best coverage for an older dog.

Last December, Lucky was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Since then, she needs daily subcutaneous fluid treatments and blood tests every 3 months.  She also needs to get ultrasounds to check her kidneys. All of these tests are very costly and I don’t know how I would be able to make the payments without Trupanion. Submitting claims are easy and within days I receive payment.

I am very grateful to Trupanion.  You never know what’s going to happen and getting medical insurance for your special family member is so crucial.  Unfortunately, Lucky will need to receive subcutaneous fluid treatments for the rest of her life.  But, it’s comforting to know that Trupanion will be there to help with costs. They will continue to cover costs for as long as it takes.  Thank you Trupanion for all that you have done and continue to do for Lucky.”

Sharyl K.

Waipahu, Hawaii

Enrolled: July 2013
Condition: Chronic Kidney Disease and Seizures
Trupanion Paid: $6,637.48

Nonprofit Series: Best Friends, the Beginning of a Miracle

In 2014, Trupanion members donated over $104,000 to nonprofit animal welfare organizations across the United States and Canada. We’re now asking you to vote for the next nonprofits we should support. Vote through the online poll at Trupanion.com/trugiving. Voting ends May 14, 2015.

Nonprofit Series: Best Friends, the Beginning of a MiracleFor so many animals, Best Friends Animal Society was the beginning of a miracle. Best Friends No Homeless Pets Network is in the running for the next nonprofit to support so we caught up with Nathan Measom, Best Friends Animal Society Development Officer, Strategic Partnerships, to learn more  about what the group does and here is what he shared.

Nonprofit Series: The Life-Saving BC SPCA Biscuit Fund

In 2014, Trupanion members donated over $104,000 to nonprofit animal welfare organizations across the United States and Canada. We’re now asking you to vote for the next nonprofits we should support. Vote through the online poll at Trupanion.com/trugiving. Voting ends May 14, 2015.

Nonprofit Series: The Life-Saving BC SPCA Biscuit FundThe BC SPCA’s Biscuit Fund for Medical Care is a nonprofit Trupanion has donated to for the past several years. They are in the running again to receive donations from our members next year. Here’s a little more about them.

The BC SPCA’s Biscuit Fund for Medical Care provides life-saving and important medical treatment for animals in the BC SPCA’s care. This includes any surgeries in emergency situations and common medical treatments such as spaying and neutering, vaccinations or any other treatments required to prepare these animals for adoption and a healthy, happy life.

We asked BC SPCA’s Senior Development Officer, Meredith Beitl, how extra funding from our members would help benefit the BC SPCA and all of the animals they help. Below is what she shared.

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 4/17

I have always had pet insurance on my two Standard Poodles and my two rescue cats. The pet insurance I had before was expensive but had an excuse for every claim which they seldom covered. After my dogs turned 10, that insurance stopped covering many illnesses and had limits that were really low. TRUPANION accepted my two Standard Poodles and two cats with incredible coverage. One of my dogs had oral melanoma, it was very comforting to know that she could have the surgery that she required, that saved her life, with coverage for much of the cost from TRUPANION. I tell every dog owner I know and the new ones I meet, look into Trupanion medical insurance for your animals, they are the best.

This picture was made yesterday after we took the old kitty condo apart, after we ordered a new one. I think the kitties didn’t like it being apart to much. Cool and the gang, are all insured by Trupanion, the best thing we could have ever done for them. -Desiree D.

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Hands down the best pet insurance out there! You are helping me save Nigel ! I appreciate that more than you know ! Nigel was diagnosed with acute leukemia just before his 2 nd birthday . He is doing great and he will be 3 on April 10 ! So thank you ! -John S.

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 4/3











We just lost Tristan this week. But because we had Trupanion insurance, we did everything possible we could to save him. It is hard enough to lose one of your fur babies, but I think it would be harder to lose one because you couldn’t afford the treatment offered. At least we have the peace of mind that we exhausted every avenue possible. Don’t put yourself in a position where you can’t give your dog the best care. As much happiness as Tristan brought to our lives, it was the least we could do for him. -Bonnie A.

Thank you to for processing my claim for Lola’s recent vet visits and tests within the same day!! It’s so good to know you can be counted on to come through. -Stephanie S.

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 4/3






Thank you for processing Rider’s recent large claims so quickly. I was very worried about him, and thankful I didn’t have to worry about the bills. -Leanne F.

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 4/3








Dear Trupanion,  I wanted to thank you all for the phenomenal service I’ve received since coming over from a competitor a few weeks ago. In each interaction with your company, I have seen how dedicated you are to your customers, and how you will go above and beyond to make my life easier, and my pup’s life better. This was evidenced by the unexpected letter in the mail that contained a new tag for my dog, which will help us in the unfortunate circumstance that he gets lost. This small gesture goes very, very far in showing how serious you are about living up to your values, and also shows how much better you are than the competition. I attached a few pictures of Jack wearing his Pupkin, with sincerest thanks from both of us! -Chris D. & Capt. Jack


Trupanion Reviews - Week of 4/3










I just want to say thank you to Trupanion pet insurance. As you know my little girl has a great deal of health issues even though she will only be 3yrs old in May. I purchased health insurance for her shortly after bringing her home just to be prepared in case she should have a need for any medical care. I certainly did not expect that she would have so many congenital issues or any issues for that matter but I could not be more grateful having chosen the BEST pet insurance available! Not only are they there to help pay the bulk of her medical expenses but they are the most compassionate & friendly company I have ever had the experience of dealing with. Just a week ago I had a conversation with one of their representatives who asked for a picture of Bella and in return sent me photos of her dogs. Today I received an unexpected pkg in the mail addressed to Bella. Inside was a note and some items for Bella ( a frisbee, a bandanna, a water bottle, and a tote bag for me to carry her goodies. I felt the need to share my gratitude by writing this post. If anyone has a pet and is considering purchasing insurance, this is without a doubt, the best investment you could possibly make. Thank you Trupanion for all that you do to help me take good care of my little girl. -Nicole D.

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Big shout-out once again to Trupanion. My 1.5 year old Siberian husky, Titan, is a handful getting himself into continuous mischief. Sunday he did so again and manage to get his ear and paw injured requiring an emergency vet trip. Sedation, sutures and bandages became the order of the day! This picture was taken earlier in the same day. Little did we know a $777.78 bill was going to be payable in a few short hours. Taxes of $89.49 and routine consultation fee of $66 is not covered as per usual but the remainder was paid out at 90% coverage. $560.06 of the expenses will be reimbursed to us. No hassle, no delays-just a fabulous company that does what they say. My other dog, an Alaskan Malamute, is also covered and luckily she is not the daredevil like her canine brother. Thank-you once again Trupanion, from Titan and his grateful parents. -Joanie T.


Trupanion Reviews - Week of 4/3









I can’t recommend enough that you insure your pet through @Trupanion. They have saved our bulldog-owning butts! #mortreport -@k_hack

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 4/3











Without the help of your company, there is no way we could possibly keep up this fight. We are forever in debt to your support and love. THANK YOU!!!! -@alxcxab

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 4/3

Singing the praises of @Trupanion again. They’ve covered $8k worth of vet bills in the last 12mo for my Lola! THANKS! -@merove

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 4/3








@trupanion ! They are fantastic! They paid 90% of his $15000 surgery when he was a baby! Worth every penny! -@instabentley

Thanks @trupanion we don’t know how we would have taken care of her without you guys. You guys have literally saved not only Kenya’s life, but Medjai’s too. Even working in the veterinary field we could have never afforded the level of care either dog has needed in their lives. We are eternally grateful for your wonderful company and everything you do for us owners that just want to take the best care of our babies. -@2dogs_1cat_11legs

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Have to say @Trupanion is the best animal insurance! Covered #mrporkins vet bills with no hassle! Better than human health insurance! "</p -@IamJmcCarthy

@Trupanion thank you guys for always helping my family take such good care of me!! "</p -@gollymissollie


We adopted a puppy, and with him came a form for trupanion. I signed him up for the trial out of curiosity. Not even a week later he was attacked by another dog in our complex and we had to bring him to the emergency vet for surgery on 3 broken bones. Trupanion was extremely helpful and sincere in our time of need, and worked wonderfully with us and our vet. Expressing concern and going above and beyond. I Highly recommend them to everyone. Wonderful customer service.They CARE -Jessica G.

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 4/17


One word for pet insurance: Trupanion

These good folks have allowed us to get the best possible care for Suzy. A fantastic company. -Rick C.

Thank you Trupanion for helping us care for our goat….I mean garbage gut… Oops I mean our Emmett. Yes thank you for helping us care for our ever challenging “I must eat this and that” dog Emmett. We him so much… Despite eating a baseball hat and undergarments. (Have no fear the home is even more Emmett proof now) -Shontay K.

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 4/17

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for being awesome. We have been so grateful for your fast turnaround and customer service the past few months as we dealt with an illness on our dog, Abby. Attached is a photo of our labs, who are all Trupanion customers :) You guys rock!

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 4/17



Trupanion has been wonderful while our girl Sunny was treated for a glaucoma spike that caused her to lose an eye. Buster, the background photobomber, was also pleased with his coverage when he had his cherry eye corrected.

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 4/17

@Trupanion #thankyou for helping pay for my ER vet bill the other day. I didn’t like going but #mommyanddaddy didn’t have to worry about it. -@PedroDoodle

First time (and hopefully the last) having to use @Trupanion pet insurance today and the process was amazing. You guys are a lifesaver! -@wesmason_me

So far Trupanion has been wonderful in paying for our dog’s illness. Friendly and helpful on the phone and very quick in processing our claims. I am always praising this company and sharing their information with others because we have been so pleased. -Debra L.

A very special #tongueouttuesday! This weekend was the one year#anniversary of my amputation surgery. A special thanks to #trupanion, for making my surgery happen. My mom was just my foster mom when I took a leap that I couldn’t quite make and broke my leg. emoji I am now pain free and still quite the #tripawd daredevil. Mom knows to keep a close eye on me and to never underestimate my feisty and bold personality. Just like all my other pawesome tripawd friends, I get along just fine! -@mister_buns

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 4/17


@Trupanion insurance has saved our behinds big time. Great customer service and quick return. -@rednose_rio_andmama


Nonprofit Series: RedRover, RedRover, Send Votes Right Over

In 2014, Trupanion members donated over $104,000 to nonprofit animal welfare organizations across the United States and Canada. We’re now asking you to vote for the next nonprofits we should support. Vote through the online poll at Trupanion.com/trugiving. Voting ends May 14, 2015.

Red Rover LogoNext up in our nonprofit series is RedRover. They operate in both the U.S. and Canada and are in the running to receive donations from our members next year.RedRover was founded in 1987 by a small group of humane movement workers who wanted to save forgotten animals. In the beginning, RedRover responded to a wide range of animals issues — from elephant poaching in Africa, to animal shelters in Israel, to pet overpopulation in the United States — but as RedRover grew over the years, the organization narrowed its geographic reach to the United States and Canada, and focused on programs that assisted animals whose needs had previously been unmet. We chatted with RedRover’s Marketing and Outreach Coordinator, Bailey Mannisto-Ichés, MA to learn more about the amazing work they do. She shared the below with us.