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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Cat ate gravel

Vanessa 14-year-old cat made a recent veterinary visit because she ate some gravel and was vomiting. The poor kitty was hospitalized for a whole week receiving care. Her veterinary care included fluids, diagnostic tests, radiology, and medication.

When a pet ingests non-food items, they must come out one way or another, or they may cause internal complications. In certain cases, surgery may be required if the item is too large to pass.

We hope that Vanessa makes a full recovery and is feeling well again!

Total claim amount: $1,976.08
Deductible applied: -$100.00
Ineligible costs (exam fees): -$74.00
10% co-insurance: -$180.21
Eligible for coverage: $1,621.87

Trupanion Reviews – 9/12

thank you guys for your great customer service, Trupanion truly cares for their customers and their little loved pets, again thank you -Yasar S.

Thank you Trupanion for helping out with Yancy’s TPLO surgery. Within an hour of the diagnosis we had a pre-approval done, and then within an hour of submitting the final invoice of $3,700 we got notification that the claim was paid. Yes, we paid for the exam fee but that’s something we are more than happy to pay that considering how much was covered and how easy the process was. And the best thing? If the other knee needs surgery, it’s covered under the same deductible as a bi-lateral condition. -Jeanine F.


Remembering Takara: Compassionate Care Through the End

Takara - Drew Bowles - Image 1

Thanks to Trupanion and our veterinarian we were able to take the best loving and financial care of our sweet Rottweiler, Takara and recover 90% of our costs as well. It is a wonderful company. They work hand-in-hand with the veterinarian’s office and are very cooperative.

My sweet Takara was diagnosed at two years old with hypothyroidism. Her blood had to be tested every few months to make sure her thyroid was working properly with the medication. Trupanion paid 90% of her blood work, diagnostic tests, and medication.

A Mystery Illness Strikes

Lottie - Scott Sterbenz - Image 1

Lottie was 6 months old when we found her sick one Sunday morning. She woke us up earlier than usual, whimpering in another room. She had vomited and was curled up on the floor, unwilling to move. She wouldn’t eat, drink, take treats, or respond to our calls. We waited a few hours, thinking maybe she just ate something her stomach didn’t agree with.

Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Dog ate gorilla glue

Kona the 2-year-old mixed-breed dog got into some Gorilla Glue which can be very dangerous when swallowed. She refused to eat and was vomiting for a few days, so her owner made a trip to the veterinary hospital.

When Gorilla Glue comes in contact with water, it coagulates and expands, posing a serious threat to your pet’s digestive system. Our friend The Preventive Vet wrote a blog post about dogs and Gorilla Glue, including a video of the glue in water to show what can happen inside your dog’s stomach!

Kona needed exploratory surgery to remove any remnants of the glue. She was at the vet hospital for 3 days to receive medication and monitor her recovery.

We hope she is feeling much better now!

Total claim amount: $2,359.91
Deductible applied: -$300
Ineligible costs (exam fees, 50% dog food): -$113.90
10% co-insurance: -$194.60
Eligible for coverage: $1,751.41