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Palm Nuts Cause Problems

Willow - Valerie DeRoy - Image 1 (small)

Both Willow and Ziggy have Trupanion, and thank heavens!

Willow was sick as a dog, vomiting up bile, so I rushed her to the vet. They did an x-ray and found a round object in her stomach. She had eaten palm nuts! Willow was taken in for emergency surgery and they performed an endoscopy to remove the nuts.

However, the story does not end there. While under anesthesia, Willow developed an ulcer in her left eye! We quickly made an appointment with the eye doctor.

Willow is well on her way to recovery. Thanks to Trupanion we were able to afford the best care and not have the financial burden that comes with it!  Thank you, Trupanion!

Reatha M.

Sunrise, Florida

Enrolled: August 2012
Condition: Foreign Body and Eye Ulcer
Total Paid: $1,674.27

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Trupanion at Pit Bulls on Parade

Pit BullsKeep an eye out for Trupanion’s booth at Pit Bulls on Parade this Saturday, August 23, 2014 in Issaquah, WA! 

BullsEye Dog Rescue has organized this event to provide education about the Pit Bull “breed” to the public, current owners, other rescue organizations and shelters throughout the Puget Sound region. This is a charity and non-profit organization that gives many Pit Bulls in need a second chance.

Many adoptable dogs will be strutting their stuff in the Pit Bull Parade for everybody to watch! There will be featured demonstrations on weight pull, agility, flyball, rally obedience, disc dog and a chance for you and your dog to even try some of these sports yourself.

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) testing will be offered for only $10.00, all dogs at the event will have a chance to earn their certificate!

Join Trupanion to support dogs in need at Pit Bulls on Parade. Click here to get more information.


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Getting Back Into The Field

Hunter - Leslie Metcalf - Image 1 (small)When we got our first dog we would never have imagined purchasing insurance for our pet. Unfortunately, we incurred close to $10,000 out of pocket in the ten years we had our sweet Jack. When he passed in 2011 we knew we wanted another puppy. When I took our new Brittany spaniel puppy, Hunter, to the vet I enrolled him with Trupanion.

A year later, Hunter was chasing another dog and ran full blast into a wooden fence. The impact caused his hip bone to come out entirely. I was in complete disbelief that this was happening and that our energetic Brittany who was a trained hunting dog may never run or hunt again.

When I called Trupanion, I was pleasantly shocked at how responsive they were to our call. The representative was personal and truly cared, asking questions about Hunter and talking us through our coverage. Continue reading “Getting Back Into The Field” »

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DOGust 1: Celebrating all pets’ birthdays

In honor of North Shore Animal League’s DOGust 1, the declared universal birthday for adopted pets whose birthdays are unknown, we wanted to celebrate ALL pets’ birthdays! For the first two weeks of August, we collected your birthday, puppy, kitten, and gotcha day pet photos so that we could celebrate them.

For every pet that was born or had a birthday in the last 365 days, we wish you a happy birthday and we’re filled with joy that you are in our lives!

Have a look at all the wonderful photos we received:

A big thank you to everyone who shared cute, adorable, and silly photos with us these past two weeks!

Our prize winners are: Stephanie P. and Giselle T. 

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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 8/15

My vet office submitted my claim maybe 5 hours ago, a Saturday night, and I’ve already got a response! You guys are awesome. Covered more than I thought you would, too! -Jessica W.

Dexter and his best buddy

Thanks @Trupanion for covering my #HilarysBlend supplement! -@albieborden

Vet reminded me I have @Trupanion #petinsurance! will make Daphne’s care easier in at least 1 way! #relief #lovemydog -@TeresaRhyne



The best way to #Ilovemypet #petlover is to have a @Trupanion insurance. the best #PetIinsurance that make they a #Happytail -Ladynorian

Buddy saids thank you Trupanion for helping my parents with my vet bills. U guys r the best! -Gail M.



We continue to be so pleased with the services provided by Trupanion. Our Tessa (an American Mastiff) if 4 years old and the center of our lives. With such a large dog, even minor medical care can be expensive. Trupanion is the best investment we have made. Carol & Vincent



I can’t express how great Trupanion is! We have such a story to share about our little Scarlet (female Boston). We had 2 medical incidents- totally unrelated over the past 2 years and both were totally hassle free claims. I just had to post today out of sheer appreciation and amazement for this company who sent a note indicating our Premium was NOT going up. I am a Raving Fan of Trupanion and will do all I can to spread the word about how wonderful this company is to work with!! -Christine M.

The biggest THANKS I can send from our home to all of you at Trupanion. I just received word that our dog Penny’s surgery was approved. This doggie momma cant wait to see her sweet penny feel better and back to her own frolicking ways. And her sister Pippa says thank u too -Antonia D.

Penny and Pippa

Penny and Pippa

I am so pleased when a client tells me they have Trupanion insurance for their pet. You give them the opportunity to make good choices for the pet’s cancer, not decisions just based on cost. Thank you!! -Dr Sue Cancer Vet

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An Unlucky Pup Shares His Story

Jac - Jean Lew-Martin - Image 1

Hi, I’m Jac, a 10-month-old Goldendoodle. My mom and dad wanted me and love me so much. When they brought me home at 8 weeks old, they got me Trupanion. Wow, were they smart.

When I was 17 weeks old, I got a parasite that almost killed me. But thanks to my fabulous veterinarian, Trupanion, and a long stay in hospital, I am as good as ever.

Mom took me to our local dog park a few weeks ago, and a mean dog named Leroy hurt me really, really bad. Again, mom rushed me to the hospital and they sewed me back together again.

Trust me, no more trips to dog parks in my near future, if ever!  My parents are so very grateful to Trupanion and all the wonderful people that work for them. They are honest, polite, and always pay for my boo boo’s in an extremely timely manner.  Truly the best insurance company ever. Thank you for taking such good care of me.

Moorpark, California

Enrolled: September 2013
Condition:Parasites, Attacked by Dog, and Hip Dysplasia
Total Paid: $8,795.26

Jac - Jean Lew-Martin - Image 4

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Vote for Xena the Warrior Puppy!

Xena 2

Meet Xena the Warrior Puppy. She is a finalist in the 2014 Hero Dog Awards who has impacted many with her amazing story.

On September 15, 2012, Xena was brought into DeKalb Animal Services in a state of horrible neglect. She was found abandoned on the side of the road and given a one percent chance at survival.

Remarkably, Xena defied the odds and was nursed back to health. Shortly after her recovery, she met Jonny Hickey, a young boy with autism.


Xena Collage


Before Jonny met Xena, he was very quiet, withdrawn, and preferred his own space. Autism had made it difficult for Jonny to interact with others, leaving him isolated and silent most of the time.

When the Hickey family adopted Xena in March, Jonny’s life dramatically changed for the better. Since day one, their friendship has been a constant source of comfort to Jonny.


Now, Jonny is a constant chatterbox at home, playing with Xena and even singing to her! Together they are raising awareness about animal cruelty, the kindness and gentleness of pit bulls, autism, and that shelter animals make great best friends.

 Who Rescued Who

Click here to vote for Xena in this year’s competition!  Trupanion is sponsoring her category, the Emerging Hero Dogs. If she wins, she will secure an additional $5,000 to help other animals in need!

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Tips to Keep Dogs Seen and Safe at Night

Photo via

Photo via

In a perfect world, we’d all be able to take our best furry friends out for a jaunt in the park in the middle of the day. However, how many more of us trudge back from our regular 9-5 or later, just in time to catch a quick walk just as the sun was setting? In fact, as extremely advisable as it is to take your pets out for their daily exercise, it’s a pure fact that nighttime is the most dangerous time to be outside, simply due to the propensity of car accidents or worse. Even if you’re wearing a reflector or a bike light, your dog might be even less visible.

Take the time and effort to programmatically keep your best friend safe, as some small changes could really turn out to save their life!

1. Keep your dog close - Always keep your dog within your line of sight. Continue reading “Tips to Keep Dogs Seen and Safe at Night” »

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Investing In Family

Ben - (Karen Belanger) - Image 1I tell everyone that has a pet that Trupanion is the best investment I have ever made!

We adopted a Bernese mountain dog when he was only 1 year old. He is now 3 and has already needed eye surgery, bladder surgery and has had reoccurring pneumonia for the last 9 months. His vet bills are over $20,000, which is certainly more than my husband and I could afford on our own. Ben is part of our family and we couldn’t imagine what we would do without Trupanion.

Trupanion gives us the peace of mind that our dog’s safety and health will never have to be compromised due to financial restrictions. The staff is always so helpful and compassionate. We have direct billing through our vet so we don’t need to pay up front. In the rare occasion that we have to, Trupanion reimburses us within a couple of weeks.

I can’t say thank you enough. Trupanion has saved Ben’s life and we are forever grateful.

Deanna C.

Calgary, Alberta

Enrolled: January 2012
Condition: Eyelid Disorder, Urinary Tract Infection, Pneumonia
Total Paid: $21,709.32

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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Dog ate prescription drugs

Yogi the 5-year-old Jack Russell Terrier recently had a nose for trouble when he got into some prescription medication which earned him an emergency trip to the vet.

For households with pets that like to explore the world with their mouths and tend to swallow non-food items, it’s important to keep toxic substances such as cleaning supplies and medications locked away and/or out of reach. When a pet ingests human medication, the doses can be much higher than the pet’s body can handle, leading to serious illness or worse.

While at the veterinary hospital, Yogi had diagnostic tests run, including a blood panel, to determine the level of toxins in his system. He was put on fluids to help flush the toxins, and monitored overnight.

We hope that Yogi is feeling all better and are glad it wasn’t too serious!

Total claim amount: $750.00
Deductible applied: -$185
Ineligible costs (exam fees): -$123
10% co-insurance: -$229.20
Eligible for coverage: $397.80

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