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With Harriet Every Step of the Way

With Harriet Every Step of the Way“Harriet is our 5 year old English Bulldog. She is the sweetest little dog and wants to be friends with every animal. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out too well for Harriet when she tried to make friends with a bunny three years ago. Harriet was running after a bunny in our backyard when the bunny decided to make a sharp turn and run under a fence. Being a Bulldog, sharp turns aren’t Harriet’s specialty, and when she tried to replicate the bunny’s movement, she spun on her back leg and came limping back into the house. After a trip to her veterinarian, Dr. Suzi Peters at the Grimsby Animal Hospital, followed by some x-rays and scans, it was confirmed that she tore her CCL. Harriet needed to see a veterinary orthopedic surgeon and have her CCL completely reconstructed.

This incident alone makes having Trupanion an excellent investment, but Harriet also has a number of health issues. Since the age of 6 months she has had chronic bladder problems that have required a variety of tests, specialist appointments and surgical procedures. Harriet also suffers from distichiasis, a condition in which her eyelashes grow into her eyelids rather than growing out. In addition to being a very uncomfortable condition, if not treated, she may have ended up with corneal ulcers. A regular dental check-up for Harriet led us to discover she had 3 unerupted teeth. And so Harriet needed yet another surgery. After her annual “wellness” blood tests, it was revealed that Harriet is hypothyroid, a condition that will require her to be on medication indefinitely.

Harriet is a part of our family and we’re very thankful to Trupanion for their financial support. With Trupanion, we are always able to ensure that Harriet gets the best health care possible.”

National Veterinary Technician Week: You know you’re a Vet Tech When…

Happy National Veterinary Technician Week (October 11 – 17)! To celebrate our industrious and compassionate vet tech friends all over the United States and Canada, we’ll be focusing this week’s blog posts on the best—and messiest—parts of being a veterinary technician. Thank you to all the wonderful vet techs out there!

How this Labrador Retriever was Trained for a Commercial in just Four Days

We recently introduced you to Stella, the beautiful 10-month-old Labrador Retriever from Mission, British Columbia who starred in our first-ever television commercial. But did you know she was trained in just four days?

This 11 month old Labrador  Retriever was trained for a commercial in just four days.

This 10 month old Labrador Retriever was trained for a commercial in just four days.

An Inquisitive Puppy Gets Into Mischief

Abbie's Pet Insurance Story“Our Airedale passed in December. She had a lot of health issues toward the end. Winter passed into spring and we realized there was a hole in our family. My wife always wanted a “Cesar Dog”—a West Highland White Terrier— so we went looking and found a litter available in May. I started looking into pet insurance. When all was said and done we decided on Trupanion. All the reviews we read indicated that although they would not pay for routine care they were quick to pay without any disputes and kept their word. We opted for the zero deductible and the additional coverage for acupuncture and hydrotherapy since our Airedale responded well to acupuncture. We signed Abbie up on day one.

We hadn’t had a puppy for 40 years. She melted our hearts. She was so full of energy and mischief. There was never a dull moment—our home saw joy and laughter again.

One day Abbie showed signs of not being herself and we were worried. She was lethargic and started vomiting. It was decided in her inquisitiveness she had gotten into something toxic. She spent 3 full days at various veterinary facilities on IV’s and other meds to get her liver enzymes back to normal.

I faxed the bills and claim form to Trupanion. Within a day we received word back on coverage. As we had read from reviews, Trupanion did not cover exams or office charges, but to our surprise they even covered some of the cost of specialized pet food to help her recover. She is still in need of some follow up visits to make sure she is fully recovered. The check arrived a little over a week later.

Thanks, Trupanion.”

Thirteen Dogs Nailing It on Mean Girls Day

“On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was.”

In honor of Mean Girls Day tomorrow, a national holiday celebrating the 2004 flick, we scoured the internet for dogs embracing their inner Mean Girl. Here’s what we found.