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11 Dogs Who Love Snow

dog in snow - sled dog

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

This time of year, many dogs are ready to embrace the cold weather and frolic in the fluffy white snow on the ground. That is, when they aren’t snuggled up on your lap or by the fireplace.

When you take your dog outside this winter, be sure to prepare them for the snow! Leave your dog’s fur longer during the winter to keep them warm. If you have a puppy, kitten, or a shorthair-breed pet, consider purchasing a coat or sweater to cover their back and underside — fleece is a great option.

After a frosty frolic dry your pets paws and wipe off any salt or de-icer that may have collected between their toes. Petroleum jelly and dog boots are safe ways to keep their paws protected.

That said, this winter we are proud to present 11 dogs who can’t get enough of the snow.

Gifts that Give Back to Cats and Dogs this Giving Tuesday

Gifts that Give Back on Giving Tuesday

Gifts that Give Back to Cats and DogsThis Giving Tuesday we put together a list of the top 10 gifts that give back. These gifts are great for your two or four-legged friends while giving back to animals in  need.

This #GivingTuesday we put together a list of the top 10 gifts that give back to cats and dogs. These gifts are great for your two or four-legged friends while giving back to animals in  need.

#GivingTuesday is a global day dedicated to giving back. It is a much welcomed break after the chaos of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Skin Cancer in Pets

catSkin tumors are considered common in dogs and cats. “Common” is a relative term. For a dog, common means that yes, you are very likely to see at least one skin tumor on your dog during the course of their life, no matter what the breed, and you might see a skin tumor on your cat in their lifetime.

The good news is, with early detection and diagnosis, most skin tumors can be cured in dogs. In cats, malignant aggressive tumors are more likely, but here too, with early detection and diagnosis, aggressive veterinary treatments can cure them.

Making a Great Life Possible

French Bulldog Pet Insurance“I would like to convey my sincere appreciation for the support Trupanion has provided for my French Bulldog, Oliver. Oliver is my joy and has a great life. Trupanion has helped make that great life possible by ensuring Oliver gets the medical care he needs.

When I first got Oliver, I shopped for the best pet insurance. I talked to friends (animal shelter volunteers, veterinary assistants, rescue organizations, etc.) and the consensus was Trupanion. Everyone I spoke with told me Trupanion was excellent with processing claims, honest and really cared. I can say that I found all of that to be true as well.

The most recent medical issue Oliver had was an inner ear infection. Dr. Simon at Marina Hills Animal Hospital did everything possible for Oliver but it got to the point where a specialist was needed. Dr. Simon referred Oliver to Dr. Vogel at Southern California Veterinary Specialty Hospital for ventral bulla osteotomy surgery. I was confident Dr. Vogel and his team would provide the best care for Oliver and having Trupanion would ensure that by providing the best insurance support.

Oliver developed complications and had to stay longer at the hospital. The bill was larger than anticipated but Oliver received excellent care. Trupanion helped make that possible. I am happy to report Oliver is now home and snoring away in his bed as I type this.

Trupanion is the best! They are efficient in processing claims and reimbursement. Most importantly— they care about you and your pet. Every time I speak with them, the first question they ask is how is Oliver? They even asked for a picture!

Every pet owner should have Trupanion. I am grateful that I do so Oliver can get the care he needs.”

Cathy S.


Laguna Niguel, CA
Enrolled: October 2009
Condition: Inner Ear Infection, Airway Problems, Foreign Body Ingestion
Trupanion Paid: $18,758.96

Mast Cell Tumors in Dogs

Pitbulls are prone to mast cell tumors in dogs
Skin tumors and tumors that are just right under the skin (subcutaneous tumors) are the most common tumors found in dogs. Approximately 80% of all skin tumors are benign but quickly diagnosing a malignant skin tumor is critical to improving your dog’s prognosis.

In veterinary medicine, one of the most dangerous things you can say is, “let’s wait and see.” This is especially true when it comes to tumors, lumps and bumps. Good, aggressive, thorough veterinary care more often will involve some form of biopsy when a new lump is discovered on your dog. This is particularly important if:

  • Your dog is older (more than 6 or 7 years old)
  • The lump grows quickly
  • Your dog has had a malignant tumor before
  • Your dog is a purebred (and especially a Boxer, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Pug, Boston Terrier, Pitbull, Weimaraner, Shar-Pei, Bulldog)