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A Full-Speed Comeback

Bella - Michelle Rosen - Image 2

Our children moved out a while ago so we adopted new ones, Bruno and Bella, our chocolate labs. They became irreplaceable. Bella could have been a competitor in dock jumping competitions, where the dog runs the length of a pier and jumps for a baton and they measure it…her enthusiasm is incredible. She doesn’t have an energy dial, it’s on full blast or off.  Consequently she has torn both ACLs and had one meniscus repair.

She’s been a trooper during her recent double-surgery recovery and she can’t wait to get out and run and swim. If not for the folks at Trupanion, she may have been left with very limited mobility, which would’ve been heartbreaking for a dog with her spirit. Bella is on her way to a full comeback and even though she doesn’t know who Trupanion is, she knows she can run again. Thank Trupanion for being one of the few insurance companies that does what it says.

Sandy, Paul, and Bella B.

Mansfield, Massachusetts

Enrolled: February 2012
Condition: Torn Knee Ligaments
Total Paid: $10,312.80

Bella - Michelle Rosen - Image 1

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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 8/29

thank you TRUPANION! you just paid my surgery and made my family’s life so much easier. you are the best company! my mommy has recommended your company to all her coworkers! woof and many blessings to you all! Love, Max Arias

Whenever your pet has an injury or illness, it can be a very stressful time. It is such a relief to know your insurance company will be there. Miss Ellie and I are so thankful for Trupanion.

Miss Ellie was diagnosed with Grade 4 Medial Luxating Patella in both knees. Having your coverage made the only decision we had to make was WHEN Ellie would have surgery, not COULD our family afford it. Her left knee was repaired in May and her right knee was repaired last Wednesday. Even the little surprise Cranial Cruciate Ligament tear was covered. This photo was taken just after waking up from anesthesia on her road to recovery.

It is such a relief to be able to make decisions regarding my pet’s health based on what is best for her and her quality of life rather than what our family can afford to spend. Thank you Trupanion for all you do for pet’s and their families!

I recommend you to all my friends and family who have pets and are looking for a great carrier with outstanding coverage and fast claim processing. –Courtney G.

Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie

I am a huge Trupanion fan! Their customer service is outstanding and after years of being with another insurance company that paid no claims Trupanion has approved my dog’s cataract surgery! Thanks for making me believe in pet insurance again!!!! More money to rescue another dog :)))) –Laurie S.

@Trupanion SO happy to have #petinsurance. My cat developed kidney disease and you guys covered a BIG portion of a $2500 vet bill! Thanks -@bikergirl600RR

Wow, thank you Trupanion! Within an hour of having a torn ACL diagnosed in my Rottie/Pit Bull mix Yancy, we were pre-approved for the surgery. $3,700 TPLO surgery and we’ll be responsible for $370. Thank you, Trupanion, you made a stressful situation much easier to deal with. –Jeanine F.

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Pet-Friendly Plants and Flowers

1177_shutterstock_151660658In many ways, having a pet is like having a child. We place pads on the corners of tables and lock cabinets so the kids do not taste the Drano, but our pets need a different kind of protection. Plants and flowers bring nature and beauty into our homes but they can also be a source of mess, danger, and even death for our pets.

Use the ASPCA’s list of toxic plants to keep your pet safe. To build an indoor or outdoor garden, there are some very nice plants that work well for the pet lover: Continue reading “Pet-Friendly Plants and Flowers” »

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Always There To Help Him Heal

Mustard - - Image 1

Our dog Mustard has been to the veterinarian a lot in the first years of his life!

At 10 months of age, Mustard began limping on his front leg. On his first birthday, he was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia and had surgery at a specialist to remove fragments in his elbow. Unfortunately for Mustard, he may need to have surgery on his other elbow—but we know Trupanion will be there for him (and us!) if it happens again.

Then at two years old, Mustard started vomiting every night for no apparent reason. After a lot of tests we discovered he also has allergies! Mustard is now on special food that helps his upset stomach and has no further issues. Without the help from Trupanion, we never would have discovered what the underlying problem was.

The pre-approval and claims went off without a hitch! Thank you Trupanion, for helping our furry children!

Amanda, Devin, and their dogs, Noah and Mustard

Airdrie, Alberta

Enrolled: September 2011
Condition: Elbow Dysplasia and Allergies
Total Paid: $5,764.60

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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Macadamia nut ingestion

Cooper the 11-month-old mixed-breed dog recently followed his nose right into some macadamia nuts, which are unfortunately poisonous to dogs. Symptoms of macadamia nut ingestion include weakness, depression, vomiting, and tremors.

If a dog has recently ingested macadamia nuts, treatment includes inducing vomiting. They may also benefit from activated charcoal, fluids, pain killers, and medications to reduce fever.

Cooper’s veterinary care included diagnostics, IV fluids, medication to treat muscle tremors, and activated charcoal.

Dogs typically recover just fine from macadamia incidents, so we hope that Cooper is back to 100%!

Total claim amount: $1,168.12
Deductible applied: -$0
Ineligible costs (exam fees): -$155.00
10% co-insurance: -$101.31
Eligible for coverage: $911.81

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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 8/22

I love @Trupanion I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it! Thank you Trupanion for all that you’ve done for all my furry babies, because of you all my babies get the care they need to stay healthy and happy! =] #trupanion#petinsurance #reliable


I want to thank Trupanion so much for being there for my two schnauzers and helping me save them. Sascha is 11 years old and was perfectly healthy until March 2013 and then layed down to die suddenly. Our Internal medicine doctor Dr. Tara Chapman saved her and it was because of Trupanion insurance that we could afford to do this. Then two months later our other schnauzer Heike layed down to die and we were frantic. Dr. de Madron saved her too and she is wonderful healthy now, and with the help of Trupanion we could pay the bills. I would recommend Trupanion to all pet owners and have handed out at least 100 brochures to different pet owners. I would like to send a picture of Sascha with her Trupanion tag but do not how. Heike too. Thank you Trupanion. -Patricia H.


My puppies Spud and Tatertot say thank you to Trupanion! We are snug as pugs in rugs knowing that we’re covered. -Cara V.


LOVE Trupanion! I was able to provide my 4 month old kitten Masala with emergency care which saved her life thanks to their coverage! What a wonderful service. I can’t thank you all enough!! -Lindsay M.

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Palm Nuts Cause Problems

Willow - Valerie DeRoy - Image 1 (small)

Both Willow and Ziggy have Trupanion, and thank heavens!

Willow was sick as a dog, vomiting up bile, so I rushed her to the vet. They did an x-ray and found a round object in her stomach. She had eaten palm nuts! Willow was taken in for emergency surgery and they performed an endoscopy to remove the nuts.

However, the story does not end there. While under anesthesia, Willow developed an ulcer in her left eye! We quickly made an appointment with the eye doctor.

Willow is well on her way to recovery. Thanks to Trupanion we were able to afford the best care and not have the financial burden that comes with it!  Thank you, Trupanion!

Reatha M.

Sunrise, Florida

Enrolled: August 2012
Condition: Foreign Body and Eye Ulcer
Total Paid: $1,674.27

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Trupanion at Pit Bulls on Parade

Pit BullsKeep an eye out for Trupanion’s booth at Pit Bulls on Parade this Saturday, August 23, 2014 in Issaquah, WA! 

BullsEye Dog Rescue has organized this event to provide education about the Pit Bull “breed” to the public, current owners, other rescue organizations and shelters throughout the Puget Sound region. This is a charity and non-profit organization that gives many Pit Bulls in need a second chance.

Many adoptable dogs will be strutting their stuff in the Pit Bull Parade for everybody to watch! There will be featured demonstrations on weight pull, agility, flyball, rally obedience, disc dog and a chance for you and your dog to even try some of these sports yourself.

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) testing will be offered for only $10.00, all dogs at the event will have a chance to earn their certificate!

Join Trupanion to support dogs in need at Pit Bulls on Parade. Click here to get more information.


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Getting Back Into The Field

Hunter - Leslie Metcalf - Image 1 (small)When we got our first dog we would never have imagined purchasing insurance for our pet. Unfortunately, we incurred close to $10,000 out of pocket in the ten years we had our sweet Jack. When he passed in 2011 we knew we wanted another puppy. When I took our new Brittany spaniel puppy, Hunter, to the vet I enrolled him with Trupanion.

A year later, Hunter was chasing another dog and ran full blast into a wooden fence. The impact caused his hip bone to come out entirely. I was in complete disbelief that this was happening and that our energetic Brittany who was a trained hunting dog may never run or hunt again.

When I called Trupanion, I was pleasantly shocked at how responsive they were to our call. The representative was personal and truly cared, asking questions about Hunter and talking us through our coverage. Continue reading “Getting Back Into The Field” »

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DOGust 1: Celebrating all pets’ birthdays

In honor of North Shore Animal League’s DOGust 1, the declared universal birthday for adopted pets whose birthdays are unknown, we wanted to celebrate ALL pets’ birthdays! For the first two weeks of August, we collected your birthday, puppy, kitten, and gotcha day pet photos so that we could celebrate them.

For every pet that was born or had a birthday in the last 365 days, we wish you a happy birthday and we’re filled with joy that you are in our lives!

Have a look at all the wonderful photos we received:

A big thank you to everyone who shared cute, adorable, and silly photos with us these past two weeks!

Our prize winners are: Stephanie P. and Giselle T. 

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