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Top 10 Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Pet

Man Walking DogWith summertime in full swing, it’s time to get out there and take advantage of it. Here are some fun outdoor activities to do with your furry companion.

Be social!

Your dog, that is. Take your pup to a dog park; it’s cheap entertainment for your dog and also a great way to keep him socialized.

Explore the terrain.

Take your dog on a hike. Hiking is a great way to get in touch with nature and is both mentally and physically stimulating for your dog. Check out for hiking trails in your area.

Take an outdoor vacation with your pet.

Camping is a fun summertime adventure on which you can get away for a few days and bring your pet. Explore the wilderness and lay beneath the stars with your pet by your side.

Stay local.

Go on a walk or jog with your pet around the neighborhood. It helps with their orientation in case they get lost. Enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise! 


Whether it’s a fancy Frisbee or a tattered tennis ball, a nice game of fetch is a fun, anytime activity that you can do just about anywhere that has open space.

Go for a bike ride and bring your dog.

Biking will give your pet a nice jog without over-exerting yourself if you’re not up for a run. Of course, be safe and don’t make a dog run farther or faster than he is able.

Jump in the water.

Water sports like fetching or swimming are good for cooling a hot dog in the summer heat. Don’t forget to bring a pet life preserver if you’re taking your pet out on a boat.

Dine out.

The trend for pet-friendly dining is really catching on. Many establishments offer outdoor seating so your pet can join you. Find a local restaurant at Dog Friendly and take the whole family. Be sure to feed your dog before going out, or bring treats along and be courteous of others by keeping your dog out of the way of servers and other diners.

The cat’s meow.

You can include your cat in the action, too. Some cats will allow you to leash them, while others might be more suited to some backyard exploring. After all, cats deserve outside playtime too. Be sure to supervise cats that aren’t accustomed to the outdoors.

Take a nap!

Pets know the value of a good nap, and they make great snuggle buddies. Cuddle up under the sun on a warm day for an afternoon nap. Just make sure it’s not too hot out for your pet.

As with all activities, be sure to provide your pet with plenty of water and resting time. Consult your veterinarian before starting a serious workout program with pets that are older, injured or have other medical problems. The best time to exercise your pet outside is during the cool of the morning or in the evening after the heat of the day to avoid heatstroke. Stay safe and enjoy the summertime!


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