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What to Ask a Pet Insurance Provider Series…#1

As you may come across throughout our site, we have created a section which outlines questions that you should ask pet insurance providers if you are considering pet insurance. Over the next few posts, I will explain what each of these questions mean and the best way to go around asking them.

Today I’ll start off with some basic company questions.

  1. Are there any complaints about this provider on record at the Better Business Bureau?

I think that this one is pretty straightforward, and may be something that you’re in the habit of doing already. Simply visit the BBB’s website and see what, if any, complaints exist about the company.

  1. Does this provider have good ratings at independent websites that review and/or publish customer ratings of pet health insurance companies?

I know of one really good independent website called Pet Insurance Review. They have made sections where policyholders can go under their given company and write a review. You can view the reviews by visiting their website. I would also appreciate any other suggested websites that you might know of.

  1. Is this provider selling the insurance licensed in my state?

You shouldn’t worry about this question too much, as either you’re able to get the insurance or you’re not. Each company is required to jump through hoops with each state’s department of insurance, and if they have and they’re approved then you’ll be able to get insurance. Typically, once you have the insurance, the company will cover any veterinarian that you visit (even if they’re outside of your home state).

Please feel free to comment with questions or concerns. And, as I mentioned, I would also love to hear any embellishments on either question, or other suggested pet insurance review sites!

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3 Responses to What to Ask a Pet Insurance Provider Series…#1

  1. Angela says:

    Thank you for posting this questions and answers. I found the questions on your site, but I think it will be really helpful to also have explanations. I’ve been researching pet insurance for a little while now for my 2 year old Golden Retreiver and I think these questions will really help.

  2. Yes, it is a good point that you make. I went through an entire conversation only to discover that they did not offer the insurance in my state right at the very end!

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