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What to Ask a Pet Insurance Provider Series…#2

Here is the second round of questions to ask a potential pet insurance provider. View the entire list here.

4. Does this provider offer a variety of deductibles?

The American Animal Hospital Association suggests going with a company that allows for high deductible plans, but this is entirely up to you. Their reasoning is that it keeps monthly premiums down, while still covering major accidents or illnesses. If you would prefer to only cover those really expensive trips to the vet, then I would also recommend finding a company that lets you have a high deductible.

5. Does this provider exclude coverage for pets the same species, breed, and age as mine?

You should be aware that there are companies that will have certain breed-specific exclusions. If you have a breed that may be prone to certain conditions, you might want to ask the provider if they have any exclusions for your specific pet.

6. Did the pet insurance provider respond quickly and thoroughly when I requested more information?

This is another question to get the feel for the company. If they were slow in getting you more information, chances are they will be slow at processing any claims that you make. I would suggest going with a company that is very upfront and honest about giving you the right information, and giving you the information that you specifically ask for.

Again, please feel free to ask questions or embellish on anything I have mentioned here.

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