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Binky’s Pet Insurance Success Story

Pet Name: Binky
Treated For: Renal Failure
Total Repaid: $1,221.94
Time to Process Claim: 3 weeks

Binky was my beautiful female English Mastiff. She passed away from kidney failure at 23 months old on Feb 07, one month prior to the Menu Foods recall in March 07. She was my best friend and to this day, is greatly missed. Binky was a therapy dog in training; she had nothing but love for everyone she met. She was a very special girl. Trupanion was extremely helpful during our ordeal; they covered everything from her first visit to her euthanasia, and all treatments in between. All of my claims were submitted and processed within 3 weeks. I can honestly say life would have been very difficult financially if I did not have her insured. Thank you for all your support. R.I.P Binky Boo

– Jody T.

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