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How Pet Insurance Helped Babar the Cat

Pet Name: Babar
Treated For: Chronic eye discharge, Teeth extractions
Total Repaid: $863.35
Time to Process Claim: Within 24 hours

My husband and I recently adopted Babar from a shelter. He was certified in perfect health so no worries. However, my sister-in-law had recently suffered a huge vet bill for her brand new Jack Russell and she strongly recommended Trupanion. Babar was signed up for Trupanion right away. Some months went by and we found that he was very frightened of everything, hid in the shadows, never made any noise (unless it was treat time!) and was generally uncomfortable with us. The breeder had told us that he was very shy. When he started to have some trouble with runny eyes we took him to our family vet. After making eye treatment suggestions Dr. Littlejohn took one look in Babar’s mouth and even I could see the painful gums and rotting teeth.

Babar has since successfully undergone surgery which in total cost over 900$ ! We could ill afford that kind of money and hoped that the insurance would really work and give back some of it.

We received a cheque right away for 80% of the covered procedures (and most were covered surprisingly) within a few weeks! Even better, our no longer shy Babar has regained his youth. He rolls on his back on the carpet, frolics joyfully and meows heartily. His favourite activity is crawling into the nooks of your bedding while it is still warm and you have just vacated the space. Babar is often almost “made” into the bed! We have recommended Trupanion to our friends and family and have now insured our 1 year old kitten as well because you never know when illness will strike, even with indoor cats in seemingly perfect health. I would hate to have to decide the fate of my beloved companions because of money worries!

-Barbara F.

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