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How Pet Insurance Helped Kalii the Dog

Pet Name: Kalii
Treated For: Foreign body ingestion
Total Repaid: $2,511.86
Time to Process Claim: 4 days

Thank you so very much for your expedient approval on Kalii’s claim, as well as the notification. Thanks to Trupanion, we were able to ensure that she received the highest standard of care, and were comforted by the knowledge that Trupanion would cover her injury with no hesitation. I have peace of mind knowing that Trupanion is there to protect her. Thank you for helping us through this difficult week, your caring and individualized procedure separates you from your competition, and it is greatly appreciated. I have since convinced several friends to look into obtaining a Trupanion policy for their pet after hearing Kalii’s story. Thank you again for your swiftness and kindness.

– Nicole T.

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