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KC’s Pet Insurance Story

Pet Name: KC
Treated For: Torn Cruciate Ligament and Luxating Patella
Total Repaid: $2,238.40
Time to Process Claim: 26 days

Our five year old Maltese has been in our home since he was six weeks old. Shortly after getting him, we started looking around for pet insurance. We were so confused about all of the different insurance available and Trupanion was so clear. The premiums are very low also.

Because we didn’t know anyone who had their pet insured by Trupanion, we were wondering what would happen when we needed to use the insurance. By the time KC was almost four years old, he suffered from a torn cruciate ligament. The surgery and all the medication, x-ray, blood test, hospital stay etc. came to somewhere around $1,300.00 and after paying the bill and submitting the claim, the cost to us was only somewhere around $250.00. We were so happy to be able to automatically be able to get our pet’s hind leg fixed without a thought.

Then, just over a year later, KC suffered from a luxating patella and needed surgery again. We were really worried about Trupanion covering the cost so soon after the last one. We paid the bill which was somewhere around $1100.00 and submitted the claim. After receiving the cheque for the claim, this surgery ended up costing us less than $200.00.

Some people say to me that if we had saved the amount of the premiums monthly we could have saved up the money to cover the cost of the claims. Perhaps we could have but, we are like most people where if we have a few thousand dollars saved up, we would end up finding something or somewhere that it could be spent, thus ending up without savings to cover an emergency for my pet.

I am really happy that we chose Trupanion and have recommended it to several others.

– William and Nancy C.

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