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Mojo’s Pet Insurance Success

Pet Name: Mojo
Treated For: Lumbar Myelopathy
Total Repaid: $3,911.52
Time to Process Claim: Same day

I do not think I can begin to thank you for everything you have done for Mojo, and for us. I remember speaking to you for the first time, about insurance and asking you questions, about having dogs in Canada and California, and when it came time to decide which company to insure with, I went with Trupanion, because I remember how helpful the girl was about answering all of my concerns. In fact I ended up insuring our bulldog girls living in Vancouver, with your Canadian company because of you!!

Unfortunately when Mojo was injured and he became paralyzed in the hind legs from whom ever hit him, we honestly thought we would lose him. VCA has been a great hospital, and their vets worked extremely hard for Mojo. But the biggest blessing was you. Your kindness, support and advice were truly priceless. You and your company were awesome, both in understanding what we were going through and helpful in deciding what the best course of action would be for Mojo. When you were unsure, you called the powers that be and got back to me with hours, Mojo owes you his life. As we would not have been able to help him with you.

Mojo came home last night, walking like a drunken sailor, and he is no marathon runner, but he is walking and hopefully with time he will regain his strength.

Your company surpassed all of my expectations and more. Your kindness and attention were above and beyond what anyone could want. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful we are to have chosen you and to have had you as our go to person.

Alicia, thank you from all of my family for making a tragic situation, so much easier to bear and for giving us a chance to turn this into a happy ending. You are wonderful!! Lots of Hugs,

Germaine M.

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