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Neuman’s Pet Insurance Testimonial

Pet Name: Neuman
Treated For: Lumps, Upset Stomach, Tumors
Total Repaid: $20,000.00
Time to Process Claim: 3 weeks

Meet Neuman. He’s a 12 year old German Short Hair Pointer. Neuman’s mom recently spent over $20,000 on him in vet bills. No, she didn’t re mortgage her house, win the lottery, or sell her left kidney, nor is she a distant relative of some rich recluse who has agreed to pay her vet bills. She had an insurance policy on Neuman.” What on earth could have possibly cost $20,000? Well, it all started May of ’05, Neuman had a sub cutaneous lump removed. (A lump under the skin) Then, in September 2005 Neuman had a cyst on his eye, and in September and October of 2005, his mom made several other claims relating to said cyst. For the remainder of 2005, and into mid 2006, Neuman continued to have lumpectomy procedures. But, in late 2006, he was discovered to have a mast cell tumour. It was removed, to the tune of $2432.44, for the initial surgery, plus another several hundred dollars in follow up exams. After that, Neuman lost a toe to a soft tissue sarcoma (another type of cancer) Then came the ultrasounds to rule out metastasis (spread of cancer) and to test for Cushings (it was negative for Cushings). The gastrointestinal upset, the mass on the tail, the weakness, the abdominal discomfort, and hemoconcentration (when there is a decrease in the fluid portion of the blood) a foreign body in the ear canal, and a nose bleed. All in all, Neuman is a lucky canine companion. He has a parent who can provide him with the care and comfort that a geriatric dog needs. Plus lots of kisses and cuddles.

– Aliki S.

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