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Pet Insurance Helped Pepper

Pet Name: Pepper
Treated For: Spleen Rupture
Total Repaid: $6,538.00
Time to Process Claim: 2 weeks

Since the enrollment, Pepper went through surgeries due to unexpected illnesses and injuries. I am extremely thankful for your service to cover the majority of the cost. Especially, last October, he almost died from his spleen rupture. Having Trupanion policy gave me peace of mind even during those times. Thanks to you, Pepper got the emergency surgery he needed, and best of all, he made it through. Today, he is back in good health. I tell my friends and associates about Pepper’s story, and I recommended Trupanion to them, hoping that they will enroll for the sake of them and their pets. Trupanion made a huge difference not only in Pepper’s life, but in my life as well. He is 11-1/2 years old but he is still my little baby. I can’t thank you enough for your support and service.

– Akiko Y.

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