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Pet Insurance Success for Mufassa

Pet Name: Mufassa
Treated For: Puncture wound
Total Repaid: $83.73
Time to Process Claim: 3 days

Our cats Mufassa and Diego are our babies. We love them to death and would do anything for them, including insuring them with Trupanion. A few weeks ago, they had a fight while we were away at work. We came home to cat hair everywhere! It was really scary when the next day, Mufassa was limping and refused to eat. We took him to the veterinarian that afternoon where he was treated for a puncture wound. Poor guy, he sure didn’t appreciate having that bandage on his foot! Thanks to Trupanion, we were able to provide the best possible care for him without having financial worry. A few hours after I faxed in the claim form, I received an e-mail saying the claim had been paid and that a cheque was in the mail! Even though this was a small claim, we were pleased to have the peace of mind. Thank you Trupanion!

-Karen B.

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