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Pet Insurance Success Story from Samantha

Pet Name: Samantha
Treated For: Foreign body ingestion
Total Repaid: $2,964.23
Time to Process Claim: Within two weeks

In December 2007 Samantha decided to eat some Christmas ribbon which had been wrapped around a present under the tree. On December 27th she began vomiting everything she ate (probably in the last few days), including the water that I had forced down her. This is a cat who has never even really had “fur balls” so I knew something was wrong and rushed her to the emergency vet clinic. They did a bunch of tests and decided that surgery was needed. Samantha ended up spending 4 days at the emergency vet clinic and had a lot of ribbon removed from her system – her surgery incision was from below her rib cage and went to between her hind legs.

Not once in these 4 days did I worry about how I was going to pay for this. The peace of mind alone is worth getting Trupanion.

Even though I don’t think Samantha has learned her lesson, I certainly did and no presents go under the tree that have even a tiny bit of ribbon on them.

– Mary-Jean

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