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Titan the Dog’s Pet Insurance Success Story

Pet Name: Titan
Treated For: Allergies
Total Repaid: $3,402.14
Time to Process Claim: 24 hours

I enrolled my lab cross, Titan, with Trupanion as soon as I adopted him. He was as healthy as can be until he turned around 9 months old. That’s when the mysterious scratching started, followed by chronic ear infections and hot spots. Titan was allergic to cats and house dust mites! The only two options were to get rid of the cats and vacuum the house 5 days a week or try treatment with weekly allergy serum injections and medication. The medication started to work immediately and I’m happy to report that after almost 3 yrs of weekly treatment injections, Titan is no longer on his allergy medication and the cats can cuddle up with him as closely as they want without sending him into an itchy frenzy! If I hadn’t enrolled “Titan” with Trupanion, I would have been faced with a very difficult decision. I have made a total of 30 claims with Trupanion over the past few years. The process has always been simple, I receive my cheques promptly in the mail, and the girls at the call center seem genuinely concerned about my itchy fur-kid. My experiences with Trupanion over the years have been wonderful and I would highly recommend their services.

– Chris B.

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