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Top 10 Pet Habits and Human Equivalents

Many pet owners consider their pets as a part of the family. Though we’re aware that they are a different species, we may not realize that many of our behaviors mirror those of our furry companions. Find out how you and your pet are more similar than you think.

  1. A Kong is like an ice cream cone for a human. We lick and chew at it until we can get the good stuff inside.
  2. A Belly rub is like a back massage for a human. We’ll take one any time and it doesn’t matter who’s giving it because it feels so good!
  3. Squeak toys are like video games. How many times do I have to push this button before the thing dies?
  4. A walk in the park is equal to a vacation for humans. It’s that awesome place we always want to visit, but circumstances hold us back from going there whenever we want.
  5. Dental bones are like gummy bear vitamins. Fun to chew, thoroughly enjoyable, AND they’re good for you!
  6. Their identification tag is like our GPS. We need it to find our way home and without it, we’d be lost.
  7. People food to pets is like dessert to humans.  No matter how much of it we get, we always want more.
  8. Treats given to multiple pets are comparable to human meals at a restaurant. Once we see what the other guy got, we wish we had it too.
  9. Digging a hole or scratching a post is like surfing the internet for humans. We don’t always know why we’re doing it, but it keeps us completely entertained.
  10. A Human hand is like a slot machine. Though we usually get nothing, we keep prodding it in the hopes that something good will come from it.  

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