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Tubie’s Pet Insurance Testimonial

Pet Name: Tubie
Treated For: Antifreeze toxicity
Total Repaid: $2,926.76
Time to Process Claim: 6 days

Meet Tubie. A well exercised two year old Siberian Husky who loves to play and wrestle with other dogs. July 3, 2008 Tubie and mom went to High Park as usual to go for a stroll, when Tubie ran off into the bushes. Although this is normal behavior for Tubie, Lori did note that he was gone for a bit longer then normal, but she didn’t think anything of it. By the time they got home, he was shaky, and having trouble walking. He had had an ear infection previously, so his mom just thought that it was an inner ear thing. But when he started drinking and urinating more than usual, and falling down the stairs, she knew it was something more serious. When Tubie and a very concerned Lori got to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Toronto, and she started to explain what his symptoms were they asked if he had been to High Park. She said yes, and they said, “Okay, let’s call triage!” She wasn’t sure that her insurance for Tubie would cover the accident as she hadn’t scanned the policy to see if it covered malicious poisoning by third party, but six days after Tubie ate antifreeze soaked bread in Hyde Park, a cheque for treatment for 2810.52 was printed. Thirteen days after the initial incident, a second cheque was printed for Tubie for follow up treatment for 116.24.

– Lori T.

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