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Tyson’s Pet Insurance Testimonial

Pet Name: Tyson Von Ambassador
Treated For: Mast Cell Tumor and Heart Murmur
Total Repaid: $1475.33
Time to Process Claim: Within 24 hours

When I first found out my dog had cancer, I was devastated, and heartbroken. Tyson is a 7 year old boxer, diagnosed with a mast cell tumor. The first bill I sent in for this incident, I was worried as it was the biggest I had submitted at the time. Within 12 hours I received a response saying Tyson’s claim was approved, and cheque came withing a week and a half, I was so impressed. More so when I asked for a pre-approval for his surgery (the next biggest bill), and before his surgery, had a response that it would be covered. I already had so much to worry about, and with Trupanion, the money wasn’t one of them. Thank you to everyone at Trupanion for being so great.

– Andrea K.

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