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Yurgo’s Pet Insurance Testimonial

Pet Name: Yurgo
Treated For: Hind end weakness
Total Repaid: $290.12
Time to Process Claim: Within 48 hours

My cat Yurgo sleeps on my head and has a tail that puts a possum to shame! My husband adopted Yurgo from a shelter. Recently, Yurgo started having trouble jumping up on counters and began spending an extraordinary amount of time (even for him) on the heat vents. It turns out that Yurgo has bladder crystals, concentrated urine etc…none of it really matters, because when we discussed the treatment with the vet we were able to make a decision without stress or concern about money. You see, we had enrolled Yurgo with Trupanion. He was able to receive the treatment that he needed without question. Not to mention, the check was issued within 48 hours of making our claim! There is nothing I wouldn’t do for Yurgo. I would sell every asset I own to take care of him…but Trupanion just makes life a whole lot easier!

-Lori C.

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