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Top 10 Pet Accessories You Won’t Admit You Want

Pet toys keep getting more and more imaginative. Here are a few that might surprise you or entice you. Let us know what you think!

  1. Snuggie. Believe it or not, they now make one for pets. With convenient sleeves, your dog no longer has to struggle with a blanket when reaching for the remote control. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the handy reading light. Sorry folks.
  2. Michael Vick chew toy. No one really wants this thing lying around their house, but what a rewarding feeling it is to allow our dogs to get a little revenge.
  3. Designer dog shoes. Of course they’re just plush toys, but finally there are Jimmy Chews that you can afford. Perhaps accompany it with a matching Pawda bag?
  4. Necktie collar. Sometimes we want to include the whole family, including our pets, on those fancy occasions. But we refrain because we know they would inevitably get made fun of by the bully dogs.
  5. iPaw toys. Now your pet can be high-tech like you by listening to the squeaks of his very own iPaw. Also available: the iBone.
  6. Your favorite celebrity. Did you know that you can choose from an array of plush toys that play on celebrity names? I like Brad Pittbull.
  7. Sweet treats. You enjoy your favorite candy so much, but have never been able to share it with your pet—until now! Dots for your dogs?
  8. A feline feast. You can find catnip toys in all shapes and sizes including steak, carrots, sushi, shrimp, and pumpkin pie! The good news: no carbs.
  9. Fancy pet snacks. Specialized pet bakeries offer treats covered in frosting and dipped in sprinkles that look good enough for us to eat. Though a little pricey, it’s tempting to want to offer your pet assorted truffles packaged in a gold box with a bow on top.
  10. Cat furniture litter box. This fancy cabinetry promotes the feng shui of your décor contrary to the “unsightly litter box”. Downside: Your guests may wonder what is causing that foul odor and receive an “unsightly” surprise when they open the cabinet in search of a magazine.

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