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Maggie’s Pet Insurance Experiences

Pet Name: Maggie
Treated For: Gastroenteritis, Vomiting, Swelling on Lateral Digital Pads
Total Repaid: $2,499.71
Time to Process Claim: 14 days

Our Chocolate Lab “Maggie” has just passed her 1st birthday which we happily celebrated! Due to her poor digestive choices & the fact that she’s an extremely active and curious lab pup, we have had 1 emergency room visit & 1 major vet visit plus some skin issues on her feet.

So we are so grateful to have Trupanion, it gave us peace of mind knowing our dog will get the very best care when we take her to the vet. Maggie makes us smile and giggle at her antics every day!

Thank you for handling all of our claims so fast & efficiently.


T & L W.


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