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Pet Insurance for Guinness the Dog

Pet Name: Guinness

I enrolled my black Labrador Retriever Puppy, Guinness in January 2007 when we first brought him home at 10 weeks of age. I researched all the vet insurance policies, and felt this one had the best coverage with the lowest premiums. I also had a friend who was a territory partner and she gave them a very good recommendation. I decided to give them a try, although still a little skeptical of an insurance plan, in terms of how easy it would be to make claims. To my delight, it was easier than I had ever imagined. I have already used the plan 4 or 5 times with no hitches at all. It is extremely easy to submit the forms, I just fax it in as soon as I get home from the vet and I usually get a response back within the day, sometimes within the hour! I have never had anything denied and feel we are treated extremely fair. My cheque is in the mail usually within the week! I have since recommended the plan to many others. Actually my brother in law is getting a new lab puppy tomorrow and he is signing him up right away as well. I will never be without an insurance plan again as a pet owner and can’t imagine finding a better plan than Trupanion.

– Allison S.

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