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Pet Insurance Helped Lucky the Dog

Pet Name: Lucky
Treated For: Chronic Diarrhea
Total Repaid: $47.12
Time to Process Claim: 4 days

My last beagle Pepper while I was living in Vancouver was well taken care of thanks to your parent company VetInsurance. Actually, my testimonial is posted in their website. Pepper went through a lot of medical care, but he was a happy dog all the way. I am very grateful to the vet and VetInsurance. Sadly, he passed away last year at the age of 15, and I thought I was not going to have any dog because I cried every night until eyes got completely dry.

My husband was surfing Craigslist for Portland and found a beagle puppy for adoption. We met the dog and instantly fell in love with him. He was born on last Halloween, and we picked him up on Friday the 13th (of February this year).
So we re-named him Lucky for good luck. I really want to provide him happy and healthy life, but like Pepper, he may have some unexpected medical conditions or accident in the future so I am so happy that VetInsurance opened up in US as Trupanion. It gives me peace of mind. I will definitely recommend Trupanion to all my friends and associates who own dogs (and cats).

Thank you for your service and we take Lucky along with you for his lifetime journey.



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