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Pet Insurance Helped Sable and Zoe

Pet Name: Zoe
Treated For: Parvovirus
Total Repaid: $2,204.96
Time to Process Claim: Within 24 hours

Fall 2008 was a rough time. Our 3 year old dog suddenly dropped and had a grand mal seizure, me being a nurse began first aid as she stopped breathing. Unfortunately she began to seize again and in the process I ended up with a crushed ulna and severed tendon.

Off to separate hospitals we went. I ended up with an 8 day stay and 3 surgeries. Sable was in hospital 24 hours for tests. Meanwhile, our second dog went off to day care as we were not around. Once Sable got the all clear, she was off in care with our Zoe. Having the coverage for the boarding and the vet bills was helpful, my partner was able to take care of me and not feel guilty about the dogs.

After 8 days in hospital I arrived home. The dogs were due back the next morning. We got an early call. Our second pooch Zoe was sick. We rushed her to the vet and then admitted her to hospital. She was about 1 ½ years and so ill she could not even walk or lift her head. It was scary. She was in doggy intensive care. It ended up she had parvovirus despite being vaccinated. She was in hospital almost a week due to contagiousness we could not even visit her. Luckily Sable remained Parvo free.

We were lucky and Zoe lived. She was worth every penny of the vet bill but it was sure fantastic we had coverage, as with my injury I was unable to work for several months.

Sable still has seizures but is managing well now and they remain few and far between. Zoe is her happy self and fit and shiny. Because of our pet insurance and belief in the best for our rescue mutts we have been able to rescue another dog and have her insured. The insurance gives us the assurance that we will always be able to offer our MUTTS the life they deserve.


Susan F.
rescue mom for Sable Zoe and Ducky

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