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Pet Waste Composting Project

A greener way to dispose of your dog’s doo!

A local group of dog owners in upstate New York is finding a greener way to dispose of dog waste at a local dog park. Though there are many back-yard composters on the market, this is one of the few large-scale pet waste composting projects in the U.S. This large-scale composting project will help relieve thousands of pounds of waste that is piled up in landfills every year.

Details from the Associated Press article:

“It actually makes sense to do it on a larger scale. The larger the facility, the more control,” he said. “Anything that gets waste out of a landfill is a good thing.”There are between 3,000 and 4,000 dog-dedicated parks in the United States.

Moreover, there are an estimated 73 million pet dogs in the United States. The average dog produces about 274 pounds of waste a year, which means total dog waste in the U.S. is more than 20 billion pounds.

The group hopes to market the usable compost within the next few years if the project goes successfully.

Do you or your local dog park take extra measures to go green with dog doo?

*Photo courtesy AP Photo/Heather Ainsworth

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3 Responses to Pet Waste Composting Project

  1. Keep in mind they are doing it on a large scale and Dog and cat waste contain parasites and pathogens that make them unsuitable as compost for vegetable gardens. Just want to be sure no one tries to do this at home and winds up contaminating thier gardens and ending up sick!

  2. Stacy K says:

    Very true, thanks for pointing that out. This is also mentioned in the attached article (click “Associated Press”) that the compost will not be used for gardens but other purposes like deep-fill.

  3. Marcy Jean says:

    I walk my dogs at an off leash park in Westminster, CO. The park provides bio bags and has a special trash container for dog waste only. The sign says that the waste is composted by Envirowagg and sold commercially. So it would seem that we’re already doing it here.

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