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Saving Pets From Death Row

Dog and Cat on a BlanketPets are now being saved by plane! A volunteer group called Pilots N Paws seeks to rescue thousands of animals that would otherwise be euthanized due to overpopulated pet shelters.

It’s so great that people are finally making proactive efforts to save innocent animals whose lives are at risk just because they live in overpopulated areas.

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Volunteer pilots save pets from death row

Pilots N Paws has been around since February 2008 when it was organized by a pet lover in South Carolina and a pilot in Tennessee. Since then, it’s volunteers have flown thousands of animals all over the country.

This week, Pilots N Paws set a goal of moving 5,000 animals to new homes.

The animals often are plucked out of shelters in Southern states that have bad pet overpopulation problems.

Florida Keys pilot Jeff Bennett has flown a total of 124 animals for the charity — including snakes, lizards, a chicken and a potbellied pig.

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