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Trupanion Helped Roxy the Dog

Pet Name: Roxy
Treated For: Luxating Patella
Total Repaid: $900.23
Time to Process Claim: 2 days

Dear Trupanion:

In November of 2007, we rescued a 6 month lab mix from our local SPCA. She was so skinny-you could see her ribs. She had just been spade the day before in the hopes of a last chance adoption. My husband knew she was the dog for us as soon as he saw her!

I knew that vet bills could be expensive after having some issues with one of our cats, so I decided to look into pet insurance. Trupanion stood out over the rest. I even called and spoke to someone just to make sure what I read on the website was true. In March of 2008, we started our dog Roxy on a Trupanion policy.

Less than a year later, she needed surgery for patellar luxation of her knee, which would cost around $1,000.00. This is a huge expense for a family to absorb, and I wondered if my dog insurance would turn out to be too good to be true. Roxy had her surgery and I filed my claim. It was so easy and I couldn’t believe it when I received a check from Trupanion for 90% of what we paid for the surgery! It was all true!

Since then I have told everyone about this company and printed off nearly the entire website for my vet to look into and pass along to other clients. I feel so good about my decision to purchase health insurance for Roxy! Her knee is as good as new and she is the best dog. Thanks Trupanion!

– Melissa N.

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