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Trupanion Protects Tigger the Cat

Pet Name: Tigger

Last summer, shortly after we moved into our new home, my best bud Tigger escaped. I didn’t see him for nearly 3 months. I searched and searched for him until I found him again. He was still in the neighborhood! I was estatic to have him back in my life. He has meant so much to me.

My experience got me thinking about what I would do if he became sick or injured and the bill be beyond our means. We could possibly pay by credit card, but how would we ever pay off the debt? Being such a special friend and going through so many things together, I know I would do anything to save my sweet baby from an early demise.

That’s where Trupanion came in. I spent weeks looking for a pet insurance–one people trusted and one with the coverage I needed. After a ton of research and consideration, I selected Trupanion for my loyal companion.

– K Teh

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