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November 2009 Top 3 Entries

November’s giveaway was about thankfulness. To be entered in the drawing, pet owners shared why they are thankful for their pets. (Winners were chosen randomly via a random number generator). We received many heartfelt entries this month and we send a big thanks to all who shared their heart-warming stories with us. We loved reading each and every one of them!

It was so difficult to choose our top three favorites, but here is an honorable mention for those:

Rebecca G. says
“I’m thankful for my pet because she operates as my alarm clock in the morning. I never have to worry about oversleeping! My cat, Selah, never lets me forget her morning breakfast time. She comes and nuzzles my nose and paws at my face until I get out of bed to feed her. Now if only she came with a snooze button…”

Desiree R. says
“I am so thankful for my doggie, Frasier! I’ve only had him for a few months but he’s already brought my whole family together. My brother Jacob (he’s 21) and I (I’m 19) have never really got along before and it always upset my mother. But since I brought Frasier home from the shelter, Jacob and I have never been closer…! We don’t argue nearly as much as before because we’re just too busy smiling and taking good care of little Frasier”

Christina J. says
“I’m thankful for my dogs because even when I am deployed and only get to see pictures I know I have thier undevoted love and they can always make me smile, and no matter how long the navy keeps me away the minute they hear my voice or see me I see the little tails start wagging and it’s like I never went away.”

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Thanks to everyone who participated! We hope you’ll join us in December’s giveaway as well.

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