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Plan Ahead Before Adopting A Pet

A recent article in the Detroit Free Press outlined the responsibility of adopting a new pet and the problems with impulse pet adoptions.

The idea of a new fur-baby brings a sense of euphoria that makes it easy to entirely forget about all the planning and preparation required for a new pet.

Impulse decisions lead to less-than-perfect pet matches and as a result, many animals get returned to the shelter left wondering what they did wrong.Below are some basic things to consider when adding a new pet to the family to ensure both you and your new pet the most optimal situation and companionship.

  • Are YOU ready for a pet? Bringing a new pet into your home is a long term commitment of time, energy, money, and most importantly, your love. Make sure that you’re financially prepared to care for a pet in the long term. Also be sure you have plenty of time to spend with the pet, especially in the first few months. If you’re a late-night partier, or a frequent traveler, then a new pet may not be right for you.
  • Breed specific? Once you’ve decided you’re ready for a pet, take time to decide what characteristics and qualities you’re looking for. Size, energy level, age, gender, and breed are all very important to consider. If you’re into a specific breed, research it to find out what you can expect, and prepare accordingly. Some breeds need daily vigorous exercise while others are content to sit on your lap.
  • Meet the pet. Animals act differently in a shelter than they will at your home. While Fido seems spunky and friendly in the cage, you might soon find that he is crazy-hyper and destructive at home. Be sure to spend as much time as you can with the pet and learn all about him before making the commitment. Also be sure to introduce your current pets to the new prospective because not all animals will magically get along just because you put them in the same house.
  • Be a hero. Visit an animal shelter or your favorite breed rescue instead of buying from a breeder or pet shop.

    Chicago Tribune writer, William Hageman said it well: “Shelters are becoming prime sources for quality purebred dogs — well-kept, socialized, trained and family-ready — because of the economy.”

Main lesson learned? Think it through before bringing Fluffy home.

Can you think of more pet adoption tips? Share them with us!

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