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The Benefits of Insuring Early – Part 1

Among the many reasons, a great reason to insure your pet early/at a young age are the low premiums. Most pet insurance companies offer a lower premium if you enroll when your pet is less than a year old, which is fantastic in itself (who wants to pay higher premiums if you don’t have to?).
Even better is enrolling your pet early in a Trupanion policy. Trupanion does not increase premiums due to pet aging (but only due to inflation of veterinary costs). Rather, you get locked into the age bracket at which you enrolled. This means, if you enroll your Labrador Retriever puppy today, then your premiums when your dog is 10 years old would be the same as those for a new Lab puppy that is enrolled 10 years from now.

Many companies have set age brackets at which they automatically increase the premium which means you get penalized with higher costs just because your pet is getting older. With Trupanion, those that enroll their pets young get that extra benefit of lower premiums for as long as they have the pet. View pet insurance comparisons and which companies increase rates with age brackets.

Stay tuned for more great reasons to get started early with pet insurance to ensure the best possible coverage for your pet.

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