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The Benefits of Insuring Early – Part 2

A very important reason to enroll in a pet insurance policy early is to prevent the exclusion of preexisting conditions. For example, if your pet breaks its leg or swallows a toy and is not insured, no insurance company will pay for the treatments because the condition is considered preexisting. However, if you get insurance as early as possible, and your pet has no known ailments, then you can be sure that any future accidents, illnesses, or conditions will be covered by insurance.

What’s great about Trupanion is that we cover ongoing treatments for chronic conditions for the life of your pet. If your kitten has allergy problems, then your pet insurance will cover the treatments for years to come, or as long as your cat needs them. Learn more about how Trupanion offers more pet insurance coverage.
Some pet insurance companies have specific exclusions about paying for ongoing treatments. For example, one plan will only pay for the first year of the treatment, and anything following that is considered preexisting, thus not covered. Other plans have relatively low maximum amounts that they will pay per condition so it would be easy to use up your alottment in the first year.

It’s definitely a good idea to get pet insurance as early as possible for your pet to ensure that all future mishaps will be covered by your insurance.

Tune in next week to learn more benefits of getting pet insurance early.

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