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The Benefits of Insuring Early – Part 3

Puppies and kittens! They’re absolutely adorable, but let’s face it: they seem to get into a lot more trouble than their older, more mature counterparts. Even if you’ve baby-proofed, it’s hard to keep your puppy from eating a candy wrapper, shoe, phone charger, you name it. Younger pets are still growing into their bodies and have weaker immune systems which puts them at a higher risk to clumsily get hurt or fall ill.
While you can be on top of things as far as vaccinations and flea preventatives, there is no way to be ready for the unexpected. They could easily fall off furniture or down stairs and who knows what they might find while exploring outside. We like to hope our pets are invincible, but accidents happen, and especially to younger and more curious pets. View some actual pet insurance claims and costs.

It’s great to get pet insurance early because you never know when an accident might happen. Younger pets are more likely to get into trouble– about half of the claims that Trupanion pays on a regular basis are for puppies or kittens less than one year old. This is why pet insurance is great to have for a new puppy or kitten. If you’re looking to get insurance for a new pet, it’s best to get it sooner than later to be sure that all possible incidents are covered.

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