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Top 10 Pet Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are a great time for family and love. But holiday time also means extra decorations which could pose hazards to your pets. Read these tips to learn how to have a beautifully decorated home while also keeping your pet safe.

  1. Mind your holiday decorations. Mischievous pets who consume them can require immediate veterinary attention to remove the blockage. Read about Samantha, the curious cat who swallowed too much Christmas ribbon.
  2. Tape down electrical cords and be sure to unplug them when you can’t supervise pets who might be tempted to chew on the cords.
  3. Keep candles out of reach. While they are a common decoration for the holidays, just be sure that your pet can’t accidentally cause your home or its fur to catch fire.
  4. Be wary of holiday plants. Holiday plants that are toxic to pets include poinsettias, mistletoe, and holly leaves and berries.
  5. Cover the water for the Christmas tree and other plants and make sure your pets always have plenty of water. This will keep them from getting thirsty enough to share a drink with plants that could make them sick.
  6. Plan ahead for guests. If your pets are not used to new people or large groups, be sure to prepare your pet and guests for the situation.
  7. Watch out for climbers. A curious kitten who climbs your Christmas tree or holiday decorations could fall and get hurt. Consider securing the tree or decorations to the ceiling with fishing line, and always supervise pets whose behavior is unpredictable.
  8. Keep pets out of the freezing cold. Remove any snow, salt, or de-icing chemicals from pets’ paws right away. Frostbitten skin, which will appear red or gray, should be warmed with a moist, warm towel until the skin returns to its regular color.
  9. Give your pets their own holiday treats. Many people foods consumed around the holidays such as garlic, onions, and chocolate are poisonous to pets. Keep your pets off the table and out of the trash and feed them some home-made goodies instead. Recipes for pet snacks can be found all over the internet.
  10. Antifreeze: keep out of reach of children and pets. The sweet taste may attract pets but even a small amount can be deadly for pets. If you notice symptoms such as vomiting, extreme thirst, stumbling, and staggering, contact your veterinarian immediately.

All of us at Trupanion wish you and your pets a happy and safe holiday time!

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