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Yearly Archives: 2009

The Benefits of Insuring Early – Part 3

Puppies and kittens! They’re absolutely adorable, but let’s face it: they seem to get into a lot more trouble than their older, more mature counterparts. Even if you’ve baby-proofed, it’s hard to keep your puppy from eating a candy wrapper,

November 2009 Top 3 Entries

November’s giveaway was about thankfulness. To be entered in the drawing, pet owners shared why they are thankful for their pets. (Winners were chosen randomly via a random number generator). We received many heartfelt entries this month and we send

The Benefits of Insuring Early – Part 2

A very important reason to enroll in a pet insurance policy early is to prevent the exclusion of preexisting conditions. For example, if your pet breaks its leg or swallows a toy and is not insured, no insurance company will

Keeping Your Pet Happy and Healthy in 3 Easy Steps

Pets are members of the family, and it can be very distressing when your pet gets injured or ill. Providing a healthy lifestyle for your pet will help keep vet visits to a minimum and your pet’s medical bills low.

The Benefits of Insuring Early – Part 1

Among the many reasons, a great reason to insure your pet early/at a young age are the low premiums. Most pet insurance companies offer a lower premium if you enroll when your pet is less than a year old, which