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Frimousse Lived Longer Because of Trupanion

Pet Name: Frimousse
Treated For: Allergies, Arthritis, Vomiting
Total Repaid: $8,872.50

I am French-speaking and my English skills are not up to date. My pet Frimousse was the first enrolled with Trupanion in 2003. She was a rescue puppy dog. She has been sick all of her life and was euthanized last September. Because of her liver problems, she could not take medicine for arthritis. Your company accepted, after a letter or recommendation by my vet, to cover laser treatment therapy for her, although it was not originally covered by the policy. Because of that, Frimousse was able to live a few years more almost pain free. This is why I tell all other clients at my vet clinic about your company.

I adopted another rescue pet in 2005, Pee-Wee. My first reflex was to call Trupanion to insure coverage for him. So far, he seems in good health. But I know from experience that it can change at anytime. I sleep better knowing that I can afford to get the best quality of care for him.

The personnel [at my vet clinic] know, from my experience with Frimousse, that Trupanion is a serious insurance company we can count on. Thanks for everything.

– Ginette L.

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