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January Giveaway Honorable Mentions

During January’s giveaway, you posted your New Year’s pet resolutions. Winners were chosen randomly via a random number generator. We read some great resolutions (that we hope you’ll stick to!) and saw some fantastic photos and would like to thank everyone who participated!

It was difficult to pick our favorites, but we would like to do an honorable mention for the top three:

Danielle R.
New years resolutions. Lola(my pitbull)&I.
1. i vow to not chew holes in the floor
2.or run in the puddles and roll around and come back all muddy
3.no nipping on my friend(rat terrier) kinsey’s coat
4.no more going outside,then coming inside and leaving a mess.
5. i vow to not sleep on your feet but right next to them so …you dont have to curl up to sleep
6. i vow also to not try to dive in your lap while youre driving
7. not to sit and beg,even though i cant understand how you could let down a face like this
8.i vow not to chew on your shoes anymore
9.& your cell phone charger…sorry
10.I vow to be a really obedient puppy this year.
♥ Lola

Carol D.
I am Mikey – the Pugnacious Pug! I am 3 years old. My New Year’s resolution is to stop using the house as a toilet and go outside through the doggie door. My mom keeps telling me the bathroom is for 2-legged people, not me! It’s just that I hate getting wet and cold going outside. I’m determined to do it, though. Wish me luck!

Tonya F.
2010 Resolution: Molly and I are both going to get healthier! (she’s not that excited by the way as you can tell by the pic) Also, I have promised to get pet insurance for them this year…..did I mention that I paid $10k cancer treatment for Sera and she still didn’t make it. 🙁

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Thanks to everyone who participated! We hope you’ll join us in February’s giveaway as well.

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