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Keep pets from getting bored in the winter

Reading a recent article in the Journal Gazette prompted me to write about how boring winter is for most pets.

Pet owners keep content by modifying the routine a little: instead of going outside, they go out to warm, dry, indoor activities. But pets find themselves left at home and stuck inside all day.

During the winter, pets get out less, and get fewer walks because we don’t want to be out in the cold, rain, snow, you name it. Pets still need regular mental and physical exercise. Now is a great time to spice up our fur-buddies’ lives and make winter a little more enjoyable!

There are many ways to make your pet’s life more exciting without having to face the cold outdoors. Play indoor games, give extra cuddles, be goofy and dance around to try to get your pet to tilt its head. If you’re not able to take your pets out as frequently, just be sure to dedicate some extra time to your pets each day.

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