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Pet Insurance Helped Mugsy the Dog

Pet Name: Mugsy
Treated For: Meibomian gland tumor causing corneal irritation to LT eye
Total Repaid: $856.34
Time to Process Claims: 8 days

Most recently; last spring my little pug Mugsy had a tumour on his eyelid, a condition that came up suddenly but would only get worse if not treated. The young lady I dealt with at your office in Vancouver was wonderful at helping me get the pre-approval that I needed to get the surgery done (without the insurance I could still be paying it off!). The claim processing was quickly processed and reimbursement showed up before my credit card bill. She even called to follow up on how he was doing afterwards. Thank you again for your help and I feel blessed to have the assistance as I would never want to be put in a position of having to NOT get something done for my dog due to prohibitive cost. It was/is a great investment for the piece of mind.

– Michelle L.

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