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Pet Insurance Protects Gidget and Scamp

Pet Name: Gidget and Scamp

We adopted an older dog from a rescue, and knowing that as time goes by she may require veterinarian services, therefore I shopped around and found after doing research and comparisons that Trupanion is the very best way to go.

We had claims as she developed arthritis and found that your company was wonderful to deal with, claim processing was excellent. She passed away only a year later and we really appreciated the kind words of sympathy your company extended to us when I had to call and cancel the policy. It’s the little things that really make your company stand out.

Anyways, we adopted (just a couple weeks after) a young 2 yr old dog from the pound, and he is now covered by Trupanion. You know, when I tell people that our dog has health insurance, they laugh. Our good friends (who laughed) had to pay a vet bill of $1500+ for ligament surgery for their dog when he tore it by accident running in the park and is already on Metcam only being 5 yrs old. I have been approached by other friends who know we have insurance for the dog, and I have ALWAYS recommended Trupanion as the BEST in the industry, and I don’t hesitate sharing my research and comparisons.

Thank you for providing a very needed service. Unfortunately $50/month is expensive for a lot of people, but everything has it’s costs and nothing in life is free. You just don’t realize until something happens how quickly the $$$ add up when you go to the veterinarian and need emergency or ongoing care.

– Sue E.

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