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Sir Winston Bubba is Grateful for Pet Insurance

Pet Name: Sir Winston Bubba
Treated For: Cherry eye
Total Repaid: $753.55
Time to Process Claims: Within 2 weeks

I am so impressed how quickly claims are processed from beginning to end. I have been recommending to all my friends that have new pups. Our Winston has had a challenge from the first week he has been home. Having Trupanion is the best thing ever and takes the worry away knowing that we are covered. It stressful enough worrying about the health and recovery of your puppy. So eliminating the worry of money and coverage is half the battle. I cannot express enough how happy I am that we have Trupanion. No dog owner should be without and I stand behind that comment 100%. Thank you from us for providing such a great service.

– Jeanneth B.

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One Response to Sir Winston Bubba is Grateful for Pet Insurance

  1. Deanna McClain says:

    I am excited to find a pet insurance company that will pay out a true amount on their customer claims such as Trupanion does. After having my Boo bear diagnosed with a brain tumor while on Petcare/24 hour pet watch, I soon learned that I needed a new insurance company. 24 Hour pays a maximum of $6000.00 per illness category with 12 different illnesses involved. The problem is this- The cost was $4000.00 just to have him diagnosed, then critical care for seizures $2000.00. I was now maxed out with my cancer claims. Then Boo got phnemonia fom aspirating afte a seizure. They would not cover the phnemonia even though it was a different illness category because they said it was related to the seizure which was related to the cancer. The bottom line is that when your pet becomes terminally ill, you most likely will not be able to use any other of the other 11 illness catagories. You are actually paying for a $6000.00 maximum benefit. If I would have had Trupanion, the seizures and phnemonia would have been covered as well.

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