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Tara and Lucille Are Insured by Trupanion

Pet Name: Tara
Treated For: Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Total Repaid: $430.58

We are very satisfied with Trupanion. Several months after adopting Tara she was diagnosed with IBD. Fortunately due to our pet insurance we were able to have the necessary tests done and now she is on regular medication and her condition is controlled. Prior to purchasing Trupanion, we really investigated the insurance options available to us. Trupanion monthly premiums are higher than some that we looked at but we really like the no deductible option, and the coverage is better than most. We added a second cat, Lucille, a couple of years ago, and did the research again and we decided to use Trupanion coverage for her as well as it was still the very best insurance on the market. Lucille has required no treatment and we hope she never does, but peace of mind is everything for us. We are really very happy with Trupanion. We have referred you to everyone we know with pets and have even received a Refer a Friend gift.

Thank you.

Yours truly,
Joanne and Richard

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