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Top 10 Indoor Activities For Pets

Check out these indoor activity ideas and find out how to make winter more fun for you and your pet.

  1. Cat Playing
    Keeping cats active during the day will help them sleep at night.

    Play indoor fetch. If your pet likes to chase toys, gently toss them around the house. This is a good way to get a little exercise. Plus, any movement is better than sleeping all day!

  2. Visit the pet store. If your pet is animal-friendly, then pet stores are a great way to get your pet out of the house and into a stimulating environment without sacrificing the warmth of the indoors. Even if you don’t buy the whole store, your pet will be happy just to get out of the house.
  3. Invite a pet friend over. Your pet might enjoy playing with a new friend. Even if they don’t play, meeting new animals is stimulating and exciting.
  4. Play find the treat. Purchase puzzle toys or just hide treats around the house and under toys so your pet has to work to find them.
  5. Wrestle. Some pets enjoy a good romp, so roll around on the floor with Fido!
  6. Chase. Trot around the house and have your pet chase you. If they are not into chasing, grab a treat or one of their favorite toys and they might be more inclined to get up and get moving.
  7. Hide and seek. Have your pet stay, or have someone else hold them while you go and hide. Your pet will love the praise he recieves when he finds you.
  8. Groom your pet. Primp up your pets by bathing them, trimming their nails, and brushing their teeth.
  9. Bake pet treats. This is a fun way for you to try new recipes and your lucky pet gets to be the taste tester! Plus you can brush up on your pet’s tricks with these tasty incentives.
  10. Snuggle up and watch a pet movie. Some pets are stimulated and interested when are other animals on the TV, and of course they will enjoy being close to their favorite person.

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