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Bosco and Kayde are Protected by Pet Insurance

Pet Name: Bosco
Treated For: Foreign body ingestion
Total Repaid: $602.31
Time to Process Claims: 8 days

Good day, I just wanted to let you know that looking over a few different insurances for pets, Trupanion was by far the best for several reasons. The first is that you can pretty well determine your own coverage at a very affordable rate. Second you are the only insurance for pets that i could find that offers a $0.00 deductible which for me is a huge bonus. Thirdly you seem to offer things that are specific to all breeds… for example i have two mastiff dogs and i bought the extra add on of hip dysplasia for one (the other one came with a 2 year warranty from the breeder) i found this option so helpful since large breeds are more susceptible to hip problems. On top of everything i have to say that the customer service there is by far the best that i have dealt with in a very long time. It is very personal and the responses are received almost immediately. Overall i am 100 % satisfied with Trupanion and i hope that you are around for a very long time. THANKS TRUPANION!!! Keep up with the good work!

Sincerely, Autumn, Jake, Bosco & Kayde 🙂

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