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Kong Toy – What to Stuff In It

Kong dog toys are made durable and tough, and are great for dogs who love to chew. The classic cone-shaped Kong comes in many sizes and is a great shape for stuffing all kinds of goodies inside to keep your dog busy. It’s great mental stimulation, plus it is a good outlet for your dog’s desire to chew.

There is an endless possibility of food combinations to stuff inside a Kong, but here are some of our favorites:

Quick and easy:

  • Peanut butter – this one’s easy because most people have it in the house and it sticks to the insides of the toy giving your dog at least a few minutes of busy time.
  • Canned dog food, frozen – all it takes is a scoop of wet dog food, and a night in the freezer and your dog will have a tasty frozen treat that will keep him occupied.
  • Kong stuffing in a can – the Kong brand sells cans of flavored pastes that are easy to squirt right into the toy
  • Biscuits and cookies – snacks like Milk-Bones and other hard cookies such as those made specifically for the Kong are simple and tasty

Some skills required:

  • Meat and cheese delight – Mix leftover meat (such as turkey or chicken) and cut into bite-sized chunks. Mix with low fat cream cheese and stuff into Kong toy. Ready to eat.
  • Fruit salad – Cut up bits of banana and apple and mix with plain yogurt. Stuff into Kong toy.

 Top Kong Chef:

  • Delicious medley – Cook up some chicken broth and mix in some of your dog’s kibble. Scoop out the soggy chunks and stuff into Kong. Freeze overnight.
  • Meatlover’s dish – Cut up cooked meat (such as turkey or chicken with the fat and skin removed) into small cubes. Cut string cheese into small cubes. Add meat bits, cheese cubes, and a scoop of kibble into a container, seal, and shake to mix. Place in the refridgerator overnight then use to stuff Kong.

Keep in mind that snacks given in the Kong add calories to your dog’s diet and should be taken into consideration for his daily feeding amount. Pet obesity can cause many health problems.

For more basic Kong recipes, see these Famous Kong Recipes.


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