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Maggie’s Pet Insurance Success

Pet Name: Maggie
Treated For: Recurrence of cancer-like gingival mass
Total Repaid: $1,503.91

Trupanion has demonstrated that they really do place the best interest of pets first. We can confidently continue on without hesitation in providing Maggie with any care that she needs. That peace of mind is absolutely priceless.

We believe that Maggie’s worst days are behind her. She is happy, healthy and a joy to have around our home. Trupanion was the reason we chose to aggressively challenge her rare cancer, and we expect that decision will now keep her around for many years to come.

Thank you again. Your compassion has been noted and greatly appreciated. Trupanion has gone above and beyond. We shall continue to refer your company to pet owners everywhere, as we have. We will also ensure that both [of our animal hospitals] hear about your benevolence.

Thank you,

Charles, Colleen and Maggie R.

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