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Pets Are the Most Reliable Valentine

Valentine’s Day is about sharing love with the ones you care about, and for many of us, that’s our pets. Afterall, who can deny the unconditional love of a pet?

Apparently, more people than you think would rather spend Valentine’s Day with their pet. This recent poll from Reuters/Ipsos revealed that about 1 in 5 people worldwide prefer to spend the day with their pet. And we can see why: they seem to be the most devoted, dependable and reliable loved ones in our lives.

This article from the Times Herald-Record continues as to why pets make such good companions and best fit the role of your Valentine.

Pets are also very fine listeners. When no one at work wants to hear another word from you about that difficult case, that scary deal, that challenging sale, your pet can’t wait to hear all about it — and make eye contact with you, too.

In short, a pet is a great partner in life. He shares your leftovers, makes room in bed, has a great head of hair, thinks you always look great, too, and loves you more than just about anyone else in the world.

*Photo of Lloyd the dog courtesy of Felicia C. via Trupanion Facebook Fan Page

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