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Top 10 Reasons To Be A Cat

Ever wonder what furry feline life is like? Being a cat is great and here are the top ten reasons why.

  1. I come and go as I please.
  2. Small wiggly things – attack!
  3. I will lay on whatever piece of furniture I want.
  4. When I want petting, all I have to do is rub up against your legs.
  5. I can be entertained for hours just by a little ball with a bell in it.
  6. I’m self-sustained. I can exercise and bathe myself whenever I need to.
  7. I can fit myself into just about any position.
  8. I can see in the dark.
  9. I don’t have to come when you call my name.
  10. I’m not afraid to jump or fall because I always land on my feet.

Can you think of more reasons? Share them with us by leaving a comment!

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