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Top 10 Reasons To Be A Dog

Dogs have a good life, so good that sometimes I wish I were a dog. Here are ten reasons why it’s great to be a dog.

  1. I get to be lazy. You’re running around the house doing who-knows-what while I just lay around in my comfy bed.
  2. Everyone loves me. No matter who I go to visit, they always squat down and pat my head and tell me I’m such a good dog.
  3. I have a trusty sidekick (you) to pick up my poop.
  4. I get to eat all the yummy stuff that you drop on the floor.
  5. I can pee wherever I want.
  6. I have lots of awesome toys.
  7. If I’m in trouble, I can easily get out of it by showing my cute, sad puppy eyes.
  8. Laying in warm spots on the floor where the sun comes through the window.
  9. I can lick and scratch and behave inappropriately and don’t care what anyone thinks.
  10. One word: squirrel!

Can you think of more reasons? Share them with us by leaving a comment!

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