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Kodi’s Pet Insurance Experience

Kodi's Pet Insurance Experience
Pet Name: Kodi
Treated For: Bacterial endocarditis, non-specific hepatitis, immune polyarthritis
Total Repaid: $8,491.23
Time to Process Claims: 4 days

Kodi now close to 6 has always been very healthy and active and suddenly a few days before he was admitted to Hopital Rive Sud on February 11, 2010 he was just not acting his normal self, off his food which was definitely not normal for him. I immediately brought him to my veterinarians where they took over his care. Needless to say, from the day he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit with very elevated liver function tests until the day he was discharged on February 22, 2010 it was an agonizing ten days with sudden onset of arrhythmias, polyarthralgias and liver function abnormalities and despite numerous diagnostic tests, and internists, orthopaedic surgeon, cardiologist, a consultant from New York, who is the liver queen of veterinary medicine and all the support staff, coming up with a conclusive diagnosis was very difficult due to the fact that his liver, heart and joints seem to be intertwined with involvement. This story does have a happy ending because all genetic abnormalities as well as any orignal problem with his liver were ruled out, the final diagnosis being determined as bacterial endocarditis since two days after admission, he was discovered to have a heart murmur which he did not have prior to his admission as he was checked yearly for this and even on the day of admission there was no audible heart murmur. On discovering the murmur, an echocardiogram did confirm the fact that his mitral valve did show some thickening, but his liver functions were still elevated and he needed a liver biopsy to rule out anything that could be associated. Fortunately, the liver biopsy came back negative for any diseases, and in fact was inflammatory reaction due to bacteremia throughout his system. We may never know how he contracted endocarditis since he was on broad spectrum antibiotics (three types) by day 2 of his admission – blood cultures would not have given an accurate diagnosis.

Had Kodi not been hospitalized under the best medical care available, things may have turned out very differently for us. Also, by having insurance made any decision to get to the bottom of the situation so much easier. Although I know in my heart of hearts that whether or not I had insurance, I still would have made the same decisions for Kodi. The [people who helped me] in the Claims Department were wonderful. They were caring and supportive throughout the whole ordeal always offering support for me and Kodi.

An amount of $10,000 can accumulate very quickly with a serious illness and I would strongly recommend to anyone who have beloved pets not to hesitate in applying for Trupanion insurance. There are many insurance companies to choose from, but none like Trupanion who do not limit coverage per illness. I have my five dogs insured with them, and fortunately I have not had to use it for anything serious until now. We all take out house insurance and car insurance with the hope that we never need it – they are for objects that are easily replaced – our pets are our family and deserve equal coverage if not so much more!

Kodi is at home and will be on antibiotics for four months, and will be followed for his mitral valve yearly, but he has made amazing rebound and except for having a very unusual hair cut now because of so much hair being shaved due to IV’s , biopsies, NG tubes, etc. you would never know he had been sick. I am attaching a picture of Kodi when he was shown to his US Championship and a current photo of him (one month before he was hospitalized).

I wish to thank everyone at VetInsurance/Trupanion for the wonderful service you provide to pet owners and their beloved pets.

Catherine K.


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